Regeneration Subliminal



For the regeneration subliminal, on the description it says, “You will experience your trauma and face it, as the power of your past loses its hold over you.” Why would I want to experience my trauma again if that’s the opposite of what I want with the subliminal?


It’s the suppression of stuff that hurts you the most. It bubbles out in unexpected, unwanted, ways. Best to acknowledge it and release it.


Most psychologists and healers agree that in order to let traumas go, you have to release them. Which means unsuppress them or bring them back to light or make “conscious what was made unconscious”. Until you look at the unpleasant experience for what it actually is, make peace with it and release it for good, it will always hold you back. Releasing emotional charges is not a fun experience. Why do you think people cry when it happens? Why do you think you feel better after crying. Most healing modalities that I know of involve revisiting the experience in order to let it go.
You can compare that to what happens when you use brainwave entrainment. As the technology forces your brain to evolve toward a more harmonious state, it cannot hold on to past traumas anymore. Harmony and trauma can’t coexist in the same neurological system. One of them has to go. That’s why your brain releases traumas to your conscious mind so you can finally deal with them and let them go. It you’ve never been through, it’s a pretty brutal experience at times. I believe that Regeneration does something similar to your mind. Just like most healing modalities/technologies do.


ok what if I used a Trauma removal subliminal which removes trauma from the mind is that the same as releasing or even better?


The process is the same in my opinion. I still have to hear from a subliminal, a technology or modality that magically removes trauma from your mind. What is healed is the negative charge the trauma has on your mind. That’s what is actually released. The memory of the trauma is still there but there is no charge attached to it. How do you know you released something? When you think about it, it feels like it happened to someone else. You don’t identify with it anymore. It doesn’t affect you anymore. Regardless of which system you use, the process is pretty much going to be the same. People use different words but in reality, removing, releasing, processing or healing really mean the same thing.


yes I feel like regeneration clears the negative attachment at least thats how I see it. I don’t really feel bad anymore I just need that negative charge detachment, unaffected


Then keep on using it. Healing doesn’t happen overnight. It’s like peeling the layers of an onion. The more you do it, the deeper you go.


yes but do you think it releases the negative attachment? I believe it has to do that based on the description im not completely sure


Releasing negative attachment is exactly what healing is. Subclub is probably not to write a whole dissertation on the theories of healing. Those are already heavily documented elsewhere. Do a Google search on the theories of healing or releasing or trauma processing if you really want to know the ins and out of the topic.


yes but im asking if you think this regeneration sub can help release negative attachment


cause it releases fear, doubt, and says it will bring you back to your uninjured self


Has anyone with Khan been using Regeneration in a playlist with Total Breakdown?


Yes, very much so.


I’m doing KhanQ ST1 and Regeneration now with KhanQ ST4. I just added Regeneration today. So far, so good. I feel lighter.