Regeneration question


I am or have been running Regeneration to greatly improve my mental and emotional maturity. With the other audios it’s always advised to take action along with listening. How would that apply to Regeneration and what my goal is?


I’m answering here to face my own reluctance to tackle my own demons.

I can write here trying to be as emotionally honest as possible. I’ve been reluctant to write lately for that very reason. Is feeling vulnerable also playing the victim? Me playing the victim has been practiced so much by me that I am checking myself constantly. But I’m saddened by what I’ve lost by doing that, so it stops me. Playing the victim is a lie 90% of the time and that separates me from honest relationships.

Something I’ve had success with is telling on myself either here, or in real life. I need to be honest, or life just sucks. I’ve restored or relaxed relationships when I’ve been honest versus the b******* of trying to be right when I was obviously wrong. For example, I’ve been noticing this dishonesty in other people and it’s really bothered me. I began writing last night, and stopped. As I began writing, I became much more aware of what was really bothering me. I had a rough day physically on the job and I wanted to whine. Seeing these other people whine in different ways really bothered me because I saw the truth of what they were actually doing. I was a little jealous, because I got so good at it that it made life easier for me. Being honest is hard. Not impossible. But not easy either.

I will leave these points for now. I’m about to get on a plane, but thank you for posting this question. I dropped some tears while writing. I told on myself.


You can reflect on the issue that you’re trying to heal or work through; you can write about it, you can find safe situations in which to talk about the difficulty. Journaling is a helpful healing activity sometimes.

At some point, you may also return to the physical spaces that are associated with that issue. Or in some other way, slowly and gently re-approach those specific triggers for that issue.

Also, just going about your daily life and living is often enough to promote that healing process; since we tend to have experiences or to bump into situations that are related to our issues.