Regeneration & Primal journal


I have decided to run these three as a stack for an indefinite period of time. No less than six months. I have unresolved issues , I have struggled with lack of or have had very little confidence, and want to become as relaxed , confident, and nonchalant in whatever it is I’m doing. Especially with my work as a ride share driver

I have always struggled with social issues and caring about what people thought of me or getting attached to outcomes. I said in another post on this forum how self reliance is the path to freedom. I see being mentally and emotionally healthy , self reliant , and mature as the ultimate form of freedom


Modified my playlist so it will only be Regeneration & Primal. This two have triggered some very intense dreams every night. Be it related to unresolved issues to sex or intimacy related dreams my subconscious seems very intent on dealing with whatever it is that needs to be worked on. I am going to have fun with this


How have you been using Regen and Primal, James?