Regeneration or Primal Seduction


I have been running this stack for about 3 days now, playing ultrasonics almost continuously all day:

Emperor v2
Godlike Masculinity
Limit Destroyer

After looking over the programs I thought about substituting GM & Rebirth with Regeneration. However now that Primal Seduction has dropped I’m wondering if that would be the better option. Forgetting the preorder discount/savings, PS has modules like “Supreme Rebirth” + contains the ones from Regen that caught my eye (Extreme confidence/willpower, eliminate procrastination, etc.). PS also seems to have new/updated technologies. All that said, my goal is to heal trauma and negativity while causing me to take more action. Obviously Regen is more directed to the goal, but PS also focuses on the same goals (albeit not as in-depth) while also adding a social/sexual layer of modules - not something I was aiming for but not unwelcome (with huge potential in my line of work - sales).


First, remember to take some time off the stack so your brain can process the information. Overlistening can hurt your results. Based on what you said you’re looking for, is stick woth Regeneration. Primal Seduction will be a fun sub that will cause deep change, but it’s definitely very sexually oriented. All the healing, and programming is geared toward that.


For optimal results how much listening time/off time would you suggest? The forums contain mixed advice as some people will post having very long stacks with many multiple modules. My current stack runs about 2 hours 45 minutes. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give! :slight_smile:


Listen to the stack from 10-12 hours a day, take a day off every 5 days. We haven’t made an official new recommendation yet, but it’ll be around this.


Sweet! Thank you so much :slight_smile: I’ll definitely work out a schedule close to those guidelines. Out of curiosity, what comparisons (if any) have you made between night/sleep listening vs day listening?


We’ve seen a trend that you “feel” the subliminal more when you run it during the day, but can also lead to things like extreme anger and irritation. You “feel” it less when you run it at night, but it may interfere with your sleep.

I personally run all my subs at overnight and part of the day.


I have been doing the majority of my listening during the night while sleeping using ultrasonics. I do listen to a bit while awake before sleep and try to get as much as I can of a full set after waking up in the AM (running a total of about 10.5 hours). Is there a benefit to listening while awake vs asleep? Have you noticed one to be any more or less effective than the other? It’s easier for me to play at night while asleep for various reasons. Not the least of which would be having to worry about playing them all day from wherever I am (my job has me moving around a lot). If evidence (either anecdotal or empirical) points to one producing clearly more consistent results then I could find a way to accommodate it.