Regeneration or LBFH alongside Ascension?

Hi guys,

OK, recommitting to the subs.

I own Regeneration, Ascension, and LBFH.

There is no doubt in my mind that I need to be running Ascension right now to help me connect with my masculinity and build internal strength.

There’s also still a big old tangled knot of old trauma from childhood, breakups, etc. and bullshit limiting beliefs and engrained shame etc.

Some of the patterns I’m seeking to further get past include codependency, people-pleasing, thinking I am less than others, unworthy of a woman, weaker than other men, simp mindset, approval-seeking, social anxiety, reclusiveness, just wanting to be alone, not deal with people, imbalanced into my feminine too much, the whole shitshow of a traumatised guy who had to be small to survive in childhood.

I’m wondering which healing sub to run alongside Ascension; LBFH or Regeneration. I don’t know how to begin to make that decision, can anyone share some guidance or questions to ask myself to help me decide? I’d do all 3 but that might be complicating things as I do a lot of personal practices already.

I’m already practicing Bioenergetics, meditation, holosync, and my own affirmations. I’m already getting better at how I spend my time and have started my own business and generally moving forward. On a semen retention journey for the rest of this year. Moving over to a meat/fruit one-meal-a-day diet, trying to connect with my primal blueprint as a man more. I have growing awareness, and do not often act out of the old programming - but I want to heal and regrow.

Thanks for any input guys

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Welcome back!

all the subs above should be able to solve these

LBFH helped me with this.

it also helps by not allowing me to be alone unless I really try to. for me, the manifestation from LBFH is that strong.

This can be hard, but drop them. they may not mix well with SC’s subliminals.

i don’t know anything about bioenergetics though, maybe @Forum_Ambassadors can give a better answer on that.

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Ascension,DR:LD,GLM(also GLM has healing aspect on your masculinity)

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Based on the three that you provided, run Ascension + LBFH.

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I just think LBFH and Ascension will be the fastest path to solving this… and of course, the most pleasant ride.

It’ll also “prepare” you for regeneration… once you’ve done a lot of healing with LBFH and Ascension (yes, ascension will “heal” beliefs related to masculinity by replacing them with a more positive mindset) then you’ll be more ready to hop on Regeneration.

But the amount of attention and love you’ll give yourself AND will start to come from other people will be extremely validating and healing, when you see people respond differently to you.


I think DR:LD might be too intense for you but I love the idea of GLM

Ascension + GLM + LBFH would be powerful for you

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

I’ll run cycles of LBFH and Ascension for the remainder of 2023, and re-evaluate at end of year.



Who are you or what was your user before? Despite you are being a new user you are saying this like you know more about subs.


Always same user, Achilles.

I picked up Ascension and Regeneration back in February and started a thread to journal my progress, but was a bit sporadic with usage. Made my first post here: New - Regeneration & Ascension

I have a baseline knowledge from having read the instruction manuals and lurking on the forum.

you are fine, the question was for shadow.

Oh so you’ve already been listening to Ascension + Regeneration?!

How’s that been going?

Ascension, GLM and LBFH is what i’d go for, good luck!


Oh, the Regen/Ascension was sporadic and I was in a really dark place, so a lot of recon.

Had my LBFH+Asc session on Monday night. Felt a lot of frustration during the listen, and I’ve felt a bit irritable however had some awesome things happen. Been invited out by some friends (never usually happens, we usually just hang out at home). Was offered to accompany on a journey to visit someone who is giving away free food, and got a ton of high quality eggs, meat, and fruit. Had a kind message from my parents. Feeling a little more alive, it’s hard to explain. Like there’s actually a calm place beyond the storm of overthinking and trauma I’ve been experiencing for the past couple years.

I hear the suggestions of GLM, and having had a read of the shop page, it does seem like more of what I need. I’ll keep it in mind for the future, but will keep with my current stack for at least a cycle or two before adding anything.