Regeneration & Emperor V3


Anyone who knows me is well aware of how badly I have been wanting to heal myself and remove any subconscious blocks that have made me the person I am at this time.
Probably the main thing that I feel makes Subliminal Club so unique and special compared to their competitors is the fact that their scripting isn’t meant to try to push their personal beliefs on you. Who and what you become is entirely up to you. I see it as subconscious personal responsibility. I must admit that I have struggled to listen to a sub for an extended period of time and I am creating this journal as a way to hold myself accountable. I chose Regeneration and Emperor V3 because at 51 years old I am done making the same mistakes I have for so long that have cost me and my family more than I ever thought possible. I am not looking to become independently wealthy unless that’s what my subconscious really wants. Right now I just want to become mentally and emotionally healthy , live my life, and take care of myself and my family.
I almost asked recently what subliminal or stack would be best for uncovering my true self and doing what needs to be done every day. I see Regeneration and Emperor V3 as my path to that.


Emperor V3 is remarkable. I am going to go out on a limb here and say you will feel changes happening within a week. I was on 8 loops a day masked for months on end and it helped me immensely.

I have had no experience using regeneration so I cannot comment on this one.


@blackadder I have read a lot of great things about Emperor V3. I’m excited. I am running Regeneration because I need to unlearn the unhealthy things I learned being raised by some of the most toxic people you could ever meet. It doesn’t hurt that both programs have Limitless in them


Would you mind sharing the changes you have experienced, if you don’t mind.


As I have them sure. Today is day one


@FearlessLion read my journals


Have you tried any of the big competitors with no results? Just curious. Knowing this could prevent me and others from falling prey to them


I have bought audios in the past from three other companies. I did use them for a time but nothing really resonated with me. It always felt forced. Trying to make me be something I’m not and don’t want to be. I’m not looking to attract women or anything unrealistic financially. I’m looking to just do my thing and be left alone. That’s another reason I chose Emperor V3 . Right now I just want some stability and security in my life for myself and my family. To be able to wake up every day and know what needs to be done and do it.I probably have quite a few subconscious beliefs that have made me sabotage myself or throw a monkey wrench into a really good situation.


Your goals sound similar to mine. EMPEROR V3 seems to be an all round sub. I read about it and feel like that’s what I need… Good luck on your journey.


@FearlessLion Thank You. I actually decided this morning to drop Regeneration and strictly listen to Emperor V3 as much as possible every day


Day two : I have decided to strictly listen to Emperor V3 every day for as many hours as possible I’m feeling a bit anxious today but I’m not sure I can say it’s because of Emperor V3 or because of the chaotic situation I’m in currently.


Sounds like a good plan. I also prefer to focus on a single sub and see the results before moving on to the next sub or adding extras.


Decided today after almost eight months of doing the ride share thing beyond full time that to get the stability and security I’m seeking for my family and I that I am going to get a regular full time job. Having the benefits will be an additional bonus as I will be able to afford medications for my wife and myself as well as possibly begin therapy which is something I know I need but have been very reluctant to do.


Day three: Submitted applications today as I wait to see if I will continue with the ride share at least until I have a full time job secured. I know it has only been a few days but I feel that Emperor V3 is working on my subconscious to get me out of the funk that I’m in as quickly as possible. Trying not to be impatient