Regeneration and Elixir

Are these useful to dissolve energetic blockages?

And will these deal with spiritual blockages?

Do they help to heal, open and balance chakras?

Clear the nardis, meridians…?

Eliminate negative Karma?

How about removal of spiritual attachments or entities, implants and cords…

Program ideas or recommendations?


Elixir and Regeneration will help you deal with your mental, emotional and spiritual traumas and blockages.

Alchemist has scripting for balancing and working with your energetic systems and advanced spiritual healing. Possibly chakras too.

Dragon Reborn has advanced healing of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Not at all recommended as a first or second subliminal but something to do after completing basics like Ascension and a dense title like Emperor.

Khan ST1 has healing of any blockages that stand in the way of Khan objectives including any previous negative subliminal experiences.

Basically, there is not one all-round program that will help achieve all your objectives in one go. Which is fine since you want to do this in stages.

Since you are a new SubliminalClub user, I would encourage you to start with the basics. Elixir + Regeneration to dissolve your past traumas. After which the wisdom you gain from running this stack will guide you on what you want to focus on next.


Dragon Reborn for a long time (1 year+) will do the job.


Would you please enter a support ticket with those questions?