Regarding The Website Design of


Hello, @SaintSovereign and @Fire

Your subs seem to work nicely for me (I started with Ascension LITE 1 week ago). I can say your company is getting pretty famous day by day. It is always said, a good design is secret to a successful business. As you are online based company, people make first impression of you via your website. I know how design can influence us as I am a designer myself. I think your website is okay, but not that great looking, and it misses some elements too(for example, a clear FAQ, which people are complaining about). I would love to see a better version of it (like your subliminals which are improving always! :wink: ).

As it is your major goal to expand your business, I believe little change in your website, forum page will help a bit. Talk to your developers, little changes here and there will make it lot better. I wish I could help, but I am not a web developer. I don’t code. However, I design websites only (no coding). That’s why it caught my eyes. I can show some examples, maybe you would like. I re-designed your first portion of page. Here-


It’s a quick re-design though. Maybe not that great!


It is always said, a good design is secret to a successful business.

Only by people who offer web design. That’s a fact. :smiley:


Your mockup looks good but personally I find the website fine and great as it is now but maybe that’s just me. I’d rather they focus on completing the FAQ, organizing more their releases and updating the website content than re-designing it.


It was just my suggestion to change the theme of the webpage. I am not offering any business deals here. Otherwise I would not show that first part, because any web developer who knows how to code correctly, will be able to code that from that screenshot. Since I don’t do coding, (I clearly wrote that there) how am I “offering” web design? LOL. Web Design business is not at it’s hardest time. No web designer needs to beg for a job/offer anywhere.

Anyway, it was just my quick suggestion only. :grinning:
I hope Subliminal Club grows successfully, as I am already loving it’s work.


@SaintSovereign When it comes to your web design, there is one UX thing I can give you to test. On the front page, try moving the Emperor image to the right column. As you have two columns, the column on the left, when scaled on smaller (mobile) resolutions is always shown first. When people open your site on mobile, first thing they see is the image of Emperor, not the text. You’d most likely want them to see your USP first.