Refund Request has never been answered


Heey, I am sure this is just a simple mix up but i have been attempting to get a refund for an order since the start of september but have never gotten a reply.

I made the requests using the onsite chat twice, both times the chat said no one was available and asked for a follow up email address.

I never got a follow up email or anything.

So, yesterday I sent an email asking for refund and explaining that my initial request was well before the 30 day refund window closed. Still no reply.

Am I do something wrong? Maybe a glitch with the chat or something?


We’ll look into it. Did you use the same email for the purchases and the support request that you use for the forum?


Yup it’s the same email address.


Non topic related but i sent an email multiple times after support told me that they will get back without a response and it is over a month now. i would appreciate a reply



We’ll look into it. If you messaged us within 30 days of the purchase, you’ll still get your refund. PM me your email address.

Check your spam. We did respond, as I’m pretty sure yours was about a custom?


I sent you pm nothing in my spam