Refresh's noob subliminals journey


Hey gang,

After finding out about the fantastic reviews of SC on a not-so-legal website, I decided to buy a few subs from here instead.

My stack:
AM x3
Primal x2

Main goals are:

  • don’t be taken for granted at work and with friends
  • improve libido at home
  • manage emotions like a master
  • and last but not least: be the best version of myself

I started with Ultrasonic but I noticed my ears ringing even though I kept the volume lower than 20% on my MacBook Pro speakers.
I now switched to Masked. At work I use my headphones (4-6 hours/day depending on my workload), at home mostly through my iPhone SE loudspeaker next to my bed.
I have two kids and a cat so Ultrasonic would not work anyway.

About 5 days of use, so far I’ve noticed weird ass dreams (like, whoa) and increased appetite (like I’m already famished at 11am lol).

The writing’s been on the wall for a couple of months, but I’m supposed to get a raise at work before the end of the month + start a side hustle with a friend. Everything’s falling into place in these next days and it’s interesting how these subs come into my life at exactly the right moment.

Family/love life I can’t complain, but could always be improved.

@Fire and @SaintSovereign if you haven’t already, I would like you to take a look at and integrate his teachings into your script for AM. That book is amazing.


Yesterday I received the first comment from a female friend on how my appearance had changed. Nice!
Vivid dreams these last nights, but nothing as weird as my previous post (I still have that image clear in my mind!).
Had a blast with my wife in bed, she was blown away by one little change. Might be Primal in action! :slight_smile:

Today I have a negotiation session with my boss for my contract, we’ll see how that goes! I’ve been studying “Never split the difference” a book about negotiation, esp. chapter 6 which deals with reframing people’s expectations. Highly recommended!
Notes available here
Let’s hope I get the same kind of results with AM :smile:


Quick update, got a 11k raise and 5 additional vacation says. :ok_hand:


Great results thus far. Very glad it’s working for you!


Thanks @SaintSovereign!
Obviously this is the result of careful planning, studying, and hard work over the course of months.
The hard work helped me with the “why”, the book helped me with the “how”.

But it’s strange coincidence (or is it really???) that the subs arrived exactly the week before the “when” !

They certainly helped with the confidence to ask, and to be “pleasantly persistent” (cf the book) by being confident AF in the process.
5* would recommend :slight_smile:


The word you’re looking for is “synchronicity.” :wink:


I’ve read parts of that book. It’s fascinating.


I’ve been listening to AMx5 on and off last weekend as it was my 40th birthday and I was surrounded by friends the whole time. Great times were had :slight_smile: I really feel “lucky” to have such a life and friends. Or “blessed” if you want to use a faith-based word, because luck doesn’t have anything to do with it.

I’ve received a drum kit and now I’ve scheduled 20 minutes in the morning and half an hour in the evening to play, probably I’ll need to integrate Limitless into my stack!

I’ve got to set some goals as I feel AM would yield way more results that way.