Reflections of Apollo

Today is my first day for this stack. Although my plan is to mainly use Regeneration & Elixir for a whole month before switching to a different stack entirely.

I am using Rebirth, Emperor and Sanguine for today just to get a feel for things, this would be my first and I am crossing my fingers it’s all smooth sailing.

I’m on Sanguine (masked) right now as I type this. I don’t know yet how to use the Ultima, or which one would give me a long term benefit, same goes for Rebirth and Elixir.

I was surprised that Elixir is a guided meditation, and having such a noisy mind, I am glad Ultima is there as a subliminal version so that I could just listen. I envy those who can meditate, I just can’t keep my mind still for some reason.


Hmm, not sure if it’s the sub but I seem to be more open to converse in the forums (I’m usually reserved and shy to participate). Huh. I like that.


Don’t worry about it. EmperorQ has a lot of scripting related to fitness & physical shifting.
If you train, you will feel the difference.


I missed that, now I’m feeling even better with my purchase. Thanks brother

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Played Regeneration Q last night, 1x loop.

I feel nice on it, and I slept pretty good. I don’t usually get a restful sleep, usually I get up at around 3 am no matter what time it was I slept the night before. Today I woke up at around 4:30 and it was interesting enough for me to note on my journal. Not sure if it’s an effect of the sub, but I’d log it here for reference.

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Regeneration contains that objective: Rich, Deep Sleep so it might have affected your sleep or it’s just about using the subs in general which is quite demanding and could require of your mind to take a longer rest.

I’m glad you started your healing process and I’m curious how it goes for you. I planned to run my healing stack for 35 days but it’s been only 12 days of listening to it and I think/feel the stack has changed me a lot removing some old traumas already. I might shorten the days of playing my stack depending on the further results. Gonna see.

What are your objectives for running your healing stack?


Yeah, I can refer to that temptation too, no, I’m not bragging about my library being quite irresistible. :slight_smile: I ignored the need of deep healing for over five years thinking I didn’t need any despite my traumas but ultimately I told myself “let’s try it and see how it works and maybe it’ll do sth about the traumas” and… it’s amazing what it’s done to me so far. I just have to be patient and even though I planned on 35 day, at the end of the day I have to evaluate my results honestly and thoroughly and think whether I should keep healing or I’m ready for the next kitten - Emperor.

I’m curious how it goes if it comes to disposing of your garbage, I’m pretty positive it’ll deal with it fast.

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Crossing my fingers as well. Today I am feeling somewhat lighter, for the lack of a better word. I hope this continues, I love the levity.

Watching your journal as well brother. Best of luck

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1x Regeneration 1x Elixir right now.

So far so good. I feel lighter, and I noticed I joked around a lot today. My patience is also remarkable. I just feel jovial.

I’m going to be playing 1x of Rebirth and EQ again later today. I will log on my journal if I feel something different.

I still wonder which strategy would be better, in general, playing one sub for say one month and switching to another or playing both at the same time but for a longer time.
You chose the latter and I like the way you implement Emperor in your listening routine keeping the number of loops low in the beginning. I’m very curious how Emperor will kick in.

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1x Sanguine, 1x EQ.

An hour after the Regeneration & Elixir combo earlier, I felt strange. Like I was feeling a little bit under the weather. Not sure if it had something to do with the subs but that’s what I am feeling now. It’s mild, I know it will pass, but I took some vitamin C and paracetamol just for good measure.

Edit an hour after I posted this: Here I am noticing I have been paritcipating in threads a lot more. I guess I am being more talkative (so to speak) Somehting in these stacks is making me more social. I’ll observe myself again tomorrow.

Or maybe it makes you more productive?

You know, it probably does. I am not sure yet. I am observing myself, my thinking and my emotions. The gloom and doom is still so fresh from my mind, if it changes for days in a row, I would know for certain this is from the sub and not early euphoria for having new subs to play with. These are my first paid subs, I’m not rulling out my emotional investment.

With that said, so far so good :smiley:

Looking forward to hearing more from you then. Let’s fasten our belts! :slight_smile:

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Taking a break today for the weekend. I’m going to do 5 days straight and 2 days rest on weekends to keep it simple for me right now and easier to manage.


Taking a break for the weekend. I noticed I was irritable yesterday and I was very tempted to run 1x Sanguine at least, but I resisted the urge so I can stick to my 5 days on 2 days off schedule.

Today I noticed I’m in a lighter mood, but I stutter a bit with my words, this happens to me when I am not feeling my most confident. In any case, I figured I’d log it in for future reference.


That’s what happened to me when I was taking my very first two days break on my current stack. Now after another two nights off I’m cool and got a feel I got accustomed to the stack.

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Ahh very cool. I’m glad I logged this in. I see this is a good sign, it means there’s really something going in the background.

I’m feeling better today than yesterday. Can’t wait for tomorrow to run my stack again, and compare these notes a week from now.

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I feel like I should know the answer to this as I’m using Emperor, but what part of Emperor has physical shifting?

I can’t speak for any other thing in your stack besides Regeneration, and I haven’t been on even that for long, but Emperor in my experience can cause irritation. For me, my first week I think of Emperor had a little bit of Euphoria, but then I noticed irritation/impatience coming through at times.

Have you seen the Emperor’s box art? :smile:

The salespage is almost all from 2018 - v1. The product has gotten a lot of updates. You can only find them in the journals.