Recons on specific subs

I was curious about this for a while now…

  • Does the sub you listen to decide what specific signs of reconciliation will you go through? What signs did you notice and what subs were you listening to at a time?

Maybe this could help other members who are starting with a new subliminal to recognize, when they listened to their loops too much sooner.

For example - When I listen to Seductress + StarkQ too often, I get extremely emotional and anxious. I also put myself down more than ever for my own looks to the point where I just want to hide myself from everyone around me.

I think these are pretty obvious signs but I wanted to know how other subs work as well.


Great question! I’ve wondered the same myself… I’ve seen a few people in journals comment that when they’re listening to, say… a wealth sub… often they will want to procrastinate rather than diving into their projects/work/etc. That’s definite recon, in this case, likely resistance to a change in the identity that the subconscious clings to. The same could go for an alpha sub, if the new scripting clashes with the existing representation the subc has for the listener.
I’d be super interested to see (over time) if overall recon goes down if someone has done a healing sub before anything with new programming. I suspect that would be the case.

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I mentioned this before and in my opinion (and experience) i do feel like it’s true,
Like I’m running WANTED and most of the time I don’t get recon (could be due to everything else in my life and my habits being on point) but on the days I do get recon like when I listened to WANTED 2x a day, I did feel bad about how I looked, and didn’t really care about styling up or anything (I remember going out for dinner with friends at a restaurant during that recon time and ended up going in just sweatpants and a sweatshirt, now u might say it’s normal attire but the dinner was to celebrate our graduation and it was in fancy restaurant, I just couldn’t give a shit about anything)

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I can with 100% certainty confirm that dragon reborn has had wayyy different recon than any other sub ive tried. On DR the recon came in so many ways like physical sickness, being super in my own head, feeling depressed and helpless for no reason etc etc. Ive never experienced anything like this on any other sub not read anything about that.

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My experience so far:

  • EoG ST1: Massive neck pain. Or rather, pain “behind” my neck. Hard to describe, but it feels like a heavy load I am carrying around

  • AM: Headache and lethargy

  • Khan: Irascible af. I am just angry. But not because of the script or anything, that’s recon.

I definitely have different types of recon depending on the sub.

Also, whenever I am overloaded OR have massive recon from listening too much, I am socially anxious, less confident, and/or lethargic. Procrastinating, etc.

Only when I keep the loops low (what Saint keeps preaching, right?) or I am on processing days, thus the script actually runs, is when I get MASSIVE results.

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So far this is how I’d describe the recons:

Emperor: Anger/ short-tempered
Renaissance Man: Overly sensitive, Emotional, depressed, hyper realistic nightmares
Limitless: Tiredness/zoned out/brain fog
StarkQ: Too social or not enough social/ tiredness/ too cocky, hyper realistic nightmares

Overall the worst recon is on Renaissance Man and then less bad recon is either on Limitless or StarkQ. Reason I’m not saying Emperor is because if you get angry at a bad moment it could go bad very quick.