Reconciliation vs Resistance

So with the newly Q powered subs, a few of us are reporting that they are making us want to stop listening to it altogether. I feel like this, and am thinking of changing my stack…

In another thread, @SaintSovereign said this could be reconciliation taking place.

How would we correctly identify if it’s reconciliation versus resistance?

What should we do in each case?


Would like to know whether it’s stonewalling too, if it’s not reconciliation nor resistance.

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Along with tweaking my stack to a similar variation that worked and reducing my listening time, I started revisiting some old practices I’d been neglecting (cold showers, lifting, etc) and removing/reducing activities that have been harmful to me in the past.

Felt amazing all day.


Constantly switching up subs and changing stacks is a problem to. This could be resistance or reconciliation or both

Hence the purpose of this thread.

Did somebody mention changing stack?


@mecharc :joy::joy::joy:

Don’t forget all the Q subs being released at the same time is contributing to the “fat kid in a candy store” syndrome.


Yea i have certainly had that the past week lol. Been running different subs and stacks trying to figure out what i wanted to run lol. It was really bad because i had khan st1 in all of the stacks and sometimes i was going to mind melt my subconscious lol. At one point i had EoG st4, Khan st1 & st4, UA, Spartan all in one stack with GLMQ and rebirth lol. Now i have slimmed it down a little bit lol

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In my defence, I’ve stuck to QL and now QL Q since Jan 01 2020.


Well in my opinion it’s insanely difficult at times. Take me for instance. I’ve been going hard with my stack, my first week listening to starkq I decided to go back to night listening. Clearly reconciliation because I was burned out. My reconciliation frequently occurs in a “this is the best way to do this/this will be good for you” lie. So I doubt a lot of how to refine my listening schedule. Combine that with fear of not getting enough exposure or falling behind and it’s a disaster as far as picking out what’s optimal.

Best advice would be keep track of your actions throughout the day. Monitor your internal state. Do you feel overwhelmed/agitated/hyped up with no outlet? Cut back on listening. Do you feel lazy/unmotivated/procrastinating? Maybe up the exposure. But like I said it’s difficult. Especially considering a lot of procrastinating is actually due to anxiety and sometimes we have to ease off to move forward. A hyper aroused state can easily be confused for being lazy if you have negative beliefs or associations to your past failures with getting things done.

Try to remain objective. Weigh out your actions that brought you closer to your goals vs the ones that didn’t. Figure out where the source of that is coming from and adjust accordingly. Above all drop the ego. I’m guilty of this macho bs about taking the pain. Your goal should not be pain, it should be growth. I’ve said it before but you wouldn’t walk over to a squat rack, load up 500 lbs, and cripple yourself attempting to lift it. The mind is no different, you have thresholds and it’s best to learn them.


agree, reality check… observe yourself…journal it out for a few days…

brilliant example!

Hold my mp3 player loaded with emperor fitness


Lol I’ll be the first to raise my :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: up. It’s like a craving to switch subs and change stacks. Don’t know if this is resistance or reconciliation or both. I realize I like instant results. Thinking short term has always been a issue of mine in all areas of life. So this could be the main reason for myself why I never ran a subliminal or stack for 3 months without changing heck for 1 month even

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Ya i have been doing that since i started i would run subs for a month or less then switch lol. or run a boat load of them and constantly be switching which ones i run every day

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I’m experiencing the effects of EmperorQ in certain areas, I was uncomfortable and insecure when I first switched to it from V4, and Saint said it was reconciliation when I asked about my experience.

This had me initially wanting to switch subs like crazy but trusted the process and my insecurities has leveled out and I’m definitely feeling and experiencing positive benefits internally and behaviorally now: productivity, intelligence, flow, acting towards purpose and goal based on vision rather than randomly.

But certainly very powerful attributes of EmperorV4 have completely gone off line-aura, dominance, attraction mostly, and some of just diminished like sense of masculine instinct, I’m comfortable with it but do not yet know if it is resistance or reconciliation. I imagine it would have to be since those things I’m no longer experiencing seem integral to an Emperor Title. Trusting the process and will keep moving forward on Q

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Good stuff @Azriel I believe reconciliation can come and go kinda like waves. And the waves will get smaller and smaller over time until they are unnoticeable or very mild. I don’t know if it completely goes away as the subs are designed to keep adapting to you and your goals and keep pushing you in directions you want to go. Maybe I’m wrong but i believe this to be the case pertaining to myself.

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@SaintSovereign would love your input in this thread, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: