Reconciliation Headache


I had a heachache today most probably from reconciliation…
I decided to run the sub on top of the headache and the headache went away…any idea why is that so??


That’s not an approach I’ve ever taken. My guess is that your brain was signaling you that you had enough, but since you decided to ignore it, the signal (headache) stopped. Sort of like when you need to pee but can’t go, the need goes away temporarily. We all know that with pee the signal will come back in a way you can’t ignore, so I would be careful with doing this because it may lead to a much stronger headache in a while. Having said that, I have no experience doing this so don’t take my word for it. I’d play it safe, though


I experienced headaches after listening to what I recall 6 plus loops of Stark T. I fell asleep and forgot to limit it too 3 loops so it was not intentional. After I woke up I took a rest for an hour and a bit I think, until the headache went away, then began listening to ascension.

Remember to drink plenty of water and do not shy away from taking rest periods between listenings.


Usually when you push through triggers like pain and discomfort, or deliberately ignore or turn them off, they will go away. Do it often enough and the “warning” goes away altogether.

Doesn’t mean the underlying cause does. So I too recommend it’s usually better to listen to your body. That lets it know you appreciate its warnings. Meaning you may get more warnings, but you’ll also become more intuitive as far as when something is potentially harmful to you.