Recon on emperor fitness


I’ve been listening to emperor fitness stage 1 so far the effects are good only problem is that i get constant brain fog and headache which could be a sign of recon. I listen to one loop everyday. What do you guys think I should do?


Take a rest day


How many 1 or two rest days a week?


Depends how long have you been running subs etc…


Like it’s been 3 weeks since I started and I have used subs for the pass two years what should I do?


Try one loo for 3days and one day off then repeat


Okay perfect thank you!


Then adjust depending how u feel add more or take more rest days


I was thinking maybe 5 times a weeks and take the weekend off would that be god?


Experiment and see how you feel…everyone will respond differently to it …


Perfect thank you!


Experiment, experiment, experiment.


Make sure you are hydrated. Drink more water.