Recommended program/stack for my situation?


Hey there.

Hopefully this is my first and last question about what subliminal(s) to use, but from what I understand once you choose your “stack” or singular subliminal you’re going to be sticking it through for a few months or more. So I want to make 100% I know which subliminal(s) to pick so I don’t end up wavering or switching halfway through. Consistency breeds mastery after all. I’ve given this post immense thought to ensure I don’t have to ask again, please forgive its length.

I would like to note I’ve extensively researched threads before making this one to ideally find what I’m looking for, and I’ve gained a good understanding of what subliminal is for what but I’m still a bit confused.

For motivation/anti procrastination I’ve seen many things recommended. Khan, Emperor, Mogul, and Ecstasy of Gold (in terms of making money of course).

For a successful business the main 2 I see recommended are Ascended Mogul and Emperor. From what I’ve read, Ascended Mogul is for “success inside the system” and Emperor is “success outside the system”. Elon Musk and other ambitious characters. Is that to assume if I were to do something like dropshipping (ecommerce), facebook ads or other services or clients Ascended Mogul is better suited for that? I do want to run emperor one day for the “success outside the system” thing. Economy is making weird twists and turns, I’m personally anticipating a potential collapse and certain new industries will be how you survive and thrive. Nanotech, bioengineering and other “sci-fi” fields. Not something I’m worried about now, step 1 is getting my life together. So in this case, ascended mogul or emperor?

I’ve given much thought to this section. Clearly but concisely defining my current goals. So hopefully this helps.

My first goal is to become more of an alpha/sigma male. Unsure how familiar everyone is with sigma male, it’s like an alpha male but he’s more independent from the social hierarchy. Unsure if this is the most accurate summary but an alpha dominates the social hierarchy while the sigma uses and dominates many social hierarchies. The sigma has almost all of the traits of the alpha, but that’s the main difference. He’s not tied down to social constructs.

In something like ecommerce or client work, sigma males and alpha males can make it work. Client work is mainly about expert positioning, which either alpha or sigma satisfy. Although you are working for the clients, the positioning is different. You’re the expert, they’re lucky to be accepted by you. So a submissive role is the last thing you’d want.

I’m CURRENTLY quite introverted but many people have told me I give off a very powerful vibe and presence (even though I feel weak). I would like to be more extroverted since I need to talk to people for business ventures, and I would like to be a bit more social at social events instead of being a wallflower. I’m not an alpha because I don’t dominate social hierarchies but when I was a bit younger I was. I was always the leader in everything, and so that’s the role I’m used to. But the idea of a sigma is still more appealing to me. I don’t want to be too attached to the social world, I just want to use and enjoy it.

I’m quite insecure. About my looks, personality and presentation. I believe in myself, and believe I can achieve anything I want. So I have good belief of potential but everything else is lacking. I almost always have to make sure I look perfect before leaving the house. Almost to the degree a woman does haha. I understand the importance of being presentable and looking good, but I don’t want my emotional state to be shaken if I’m not as physically elegant as I’d like to be. I believe it’s due to a deeper attachment to my looks, since when I was younger I was extremely attractive physically. But unfortunately my facial structure has f***ed up over the years and my physical attractiveness is a shadow of its formal state. There’s plenty of unattractive men who are charming and charismatic, and thus reap even more rewards than a lot of men who are just physically attractive, yet I still can’t shake off the feelings of insecurity.

There’s also a certain free confidence I want. In most western societies, most people lack the kind of confidence a latino, some european or african men have. I’m not saying this confidence is race dependent, not at all. But due to their culture, a lot of latin men become fairly self confident and womanizers. It’s just in the culture, it’s normal. Same for some european cultures, and african too. For a lot of men today, confident black men are idols. Rappers and such. I believe they represent a certain quality of masculinity many of us have lost touch with. They just generally do what they want, and are free. A lot of them aren’t concerned with what other thinks, they value the enjoyment of their lives over the opinions of others. Something like GaryVee would preach.

Second goal is being a successful entrepreneur. Ecommerce and client work. Since I’ve talked about this one extensively I won’t beat the dead horse haha. But to briefly add, I would want a relentless productivity and motivation to go along with this as you need a lot of energy and buy-in to be successful as an entrepreneur. Being your own boss is not easy!

Third goal is being a womanizer. this isn’t a priority right now, in fact I’m fine completely ignoring it altogether. Goal #1 and #2 are my main priorities, and I want to manifest them ASAP. Primal Seduction seems like the obvious first choice to me, but I feel if I were running Ascended Mogul or Emperor, adding that in would slow the results too much. If I’m wrong that’s awesome, but if I’m right then I’d consider a subliminal for attracting women for later on.

From what I understand the Ascension part of Ascended Mogul will help with women anyways. Not a main focus, but by becoming more of that alpha male character it’ll help. So that’s pretty neat.

Also Emperor seems to do the same thing.

To me, Emperor seems like an awesome choice. But it’s dense, results will manifest slower than say Ascended Mogul.

Emperor does have that sigma male essence to it, but since I need results as fast as possible, I’m thinking perhaps ignoring it unless you guys think it’s a good idea to stick with it.

If Ascended Mogul is recommended, perhaps with some stack modules if they’re also recommended, would that give me the kind of confidence I want? Being that sort of alpha character (I can deal with being alpha instead of sigma for awhile, not a big deal), free from insecurities, just doing what I want audaciously without being fazed by the opinions and harsh judgments of others? Free of my insecurities?

There’s a competitor whom I won’t mention, I’m unsure if that’s disrespectful or not so to be safe I won’t mention the name, but his products are quite expensive. 200 - 500. Which is… insane. But anyway, I looked at that companies forum and saw their alpha male program was extremely popular. I read the sales page for it too, and some people’s journals, and it seems like a powerhouse. Hopefully some of you know which product I’m talking about.

Is the product Ascension (including the one in Ascended Mogul) achieving the same goals as that product? Since that level of “alphaness” seems quite awesome I just want to check in to ensure a similar kind would be created through Ascension/Ascended Mogul.

My last addition is just mentioning some characters I want to be similar to/like just in case if my way of explaining what I want was too vague or not honed in enough.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow. I don’t want to be totally like him, but he has that kind of confidence, nonchalance and playfulness that make him quite epic. I believe this would be called the “fool” archetype.

  • Marlon Brando. Confident, definitely an alpha, no f***s given, and an absolute womanizer. Actresses on set with him have supposedly said when he walked, it was the sexiest thing they’ve ever seen in their lives.

  • Tony Stark. The one before the emotionally unstable Tony. I’m talking the “billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist” Tony Stark. Productivity machine, laser focused on his goals. Knows exactly what he wants and gets it. An absolute genius. Anything he wants, he gets. Not interested in making tech companies like he did right now, but the qualities of a Tony Stark or an Elon Musk is what I’d like while still working in the system doing ecommerce and client work.

  • Marcus Aurelius. A roman emperor and practicing stoic if any of you have heard of him. Extremely virtuous, self controlled, disciplined and just does what he believes is right. Stoicism is similar to daoism if anyone is more familiar with daoism than stoicism. I don’t agree with the full stoic philosophy, but almost all of the virtues are virtues I definitely want.

  • Post Malone (rapper). He just seems like a genuinely good guy. I find it hard to put his characteristics down, he just has an authentic, genuine, charismatic vibe to him. Humble, funny, empathetic. Of course it could all be a front, but I don’t think it is. Front or not, it’s definitely what I want in myself. Chill, “bro”, just a guy that you’d invite to parties. High status men would cater to and find cool, high status women would do the same… just a guy with sheer magnetism. The social world just seems to be on his side, and loves him. They’re excited to open doors for the guy. Metaphorical doors. Opportunities.

  • Link from the Legend of Zelda series/hero archetype. If any of you have played any Zelda games, I know Link doesn’t have many interesting character traits aside from his omniscient silence, but he’s the definition of a stoic. I don’t want the silence, but he’s a hero who through hell and high waters will make it to his destination. No matter the pain or the loneliness he may have to face, no matter the losses and adversity he has to endure, he stays strong and secure within himself and makes it to his destination. He completes his quests at all costs. Characters like that are very admirable to me.

  • Typical sigma male. I’m thinking old westerns and such. A more modern example might be Fight Club. Tyler Durden. Some consider him alpha, some consider him sigma, in my book he’s sigma. A strong masculine character. A character who embodies the 4 mature masculine archetypes. The king, warrior, magician and lover. Truly a man.

Wooo… I know this is a massive post. I’ve dwelled on it for hours, so I think I’m fairly satisfied with it. I would have immense gratitude for any replies and suggestions. Whether you skimmed it getting the main details or decided to fully understand my situation, I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Thank you and I look forward to running some subliminals :slight_smile:


Great question.I think someone well versed will give you a good answer. I’m running emperor and working within the system right now but do have goals to breakaway at some point and dominate it! I do like it. I like the limitless in it. It has given me more of an entrepreneur mindset and business ideas pop up all the time. I like the social intuition I’m getting as well out of it. And it does give you a strong aura that others will recognize.

Khan seems like a very good choice too and I do want to jump into that or alchemist at some point when I’m done running emperor.


Go with Khan. Run Khan ST1 for 2 months, then each stage after for 1 month, and stay with Khan ST4 for as long as possible.

You want to be a Sigma male, Ascended Mogul doesn’t do that.

You want to be competent socially not a wallflower, Emperor makes you antisocial.

You want to be confident and to feel handsome, to be charismatic, and to have free confidence. And to be a successful Entrepreneur (Khan adapts to your goals).

Go with Khan. Add to it True Social 1-2 times in the morning. I am saving you time for maximum results :slight_smile:


Yes khan is your best bet by far. I dont know if you ll arrive where you want but khan covers everything you want while other subs cover only a part


Why st1 for 2 months?


Whether you go with Khan, Emperor, AM, a stack of one or more subs, or even the competition’s, please do not expect results ASAP. Patience is the key here. Do not force things to happen as it will likely make your subconscious push back.
As for

I’d have to agree with @AMASH. Seems like you want to follow different people at once. Note that they all have different personalities and some actually contradictory. How can you be silent and stoic while being funny at the same time? Now if you want to get what you think are the best traits among all of them, it would be best to break yourself down first (hence why I think they call ST1 Total breakdown) and then mold yourself to your ideal person. Hope this makes sense.


@d1gz is so right. I agree with him 100%.

I also noticed there are so many limiting beliefs and different kinds of blockages sprinkled within your text. So it’s necessary to go deep and clean them all out to have a foundation to build on the other stages of Khan. Otherwise, the building will eventually crumble because it was built on a shaky foundation.

1 month of Khan ST1 will not be enough for you. I think 2 months at least will be the most beneficial thing you can do. Also spend at least 2 months when you reach ST4, if not more, like 3 months, or even more.


@Ulysses you didn’t really say why you wanted to be the Sigma male in your posts. Does being one fit your personality? Are you a lone wolf now?

Why do you want to have effortless confidence? What advantages do you see coming for you with that particular quality? Why do want to get good with women?

Personally I chose Khan for the same reasons you stated because I felt like a continuous failure in life, and fame, women and money would solve those problems. But Khan goes deep into my core being, constantly asking tough, brutal questions about my true path in life and uncovering hidden blocks, smashing them to pieces. Ding that has already changed what I want out of life Khan rebuilds you into the man of purpose and success.

You could run any one of the “alpha” subs and your true self will eventually nudge and appear. Then he will be your best guide for future growth.

But if you’re looking for short term wins, Ascended Mogul for 30 days may give you that initial base platform. Then maybe have a look at Emperor, Khan, EoG etc… afterwards.


Thanks @AMASH , extremely insightful.
I’ll go for your recommended listening time of 2 months of stage 1, following stages per month, then continuous running of stage 4.

Plus True Social. I was dabbling around the product pages, would adding Daredevil or Primal to the list for quicker social/confidence gains be okay or no? I mean for the duration of stage 1, since stage 1 is 2 months and I do need some good behavior changes within that time since I’ll be dealing with a lot of people I need to sell.

@Michel being a sigma male is more fitting on my present personality. I used to be more ambitious for the alpha role, as I’ve been accustomed to leadership roles in my life, but I want the perks of being an alpha while not actually being bound to the social system. I am a social creature, I absolutely love talking to people, getting to know them and of course in business selling people (despite being more introverted than extroverted) but not everything in life is permanent and I don’t really want to “belong” to tribes per say. I mean I do but I also want the ability to leave them, swap them, or being in multiple at the same time. Mostly finding what I need in myself and my own company, social things coming second to that.

I want effortless confidence more so for an intrinsic reason than extrinsic. Of course having that kind of confidence makes your life way better in terms of achieving things and interactions with people, but my #1 reason for having it by a longshot is because I truly just want to feel free and confident. I want to know that I’m good enough, even better than good enough, and at the end of the day what people think of me just doesn’t matter. I want to be able to experience my life and go about my days without having to worry what a single soul thinks of me. Of course some of that is normal for dating, business and more events. You do have to present yourself reasonably well, but having to do that for random people and obsessively worrying about what random people think of me is quite exhausting.

If I want to walk in a crowded public space wearing the most ridiculous outfit ever, I want to be able to do that without much, or any care in the world. Not that I want to do that often lol, but the concept of it is important to me. It’s kind of that childish aspect to it, where sometimes kids can wear the most horrible, silly, funny outfits and walk through crowds and not give a single f***. Of course this is assuming they haven’t been conditioned to not act that way yet, and emotional wounds don’t prevent them from doing that as happens to most kids. I mean the free spirit every human seems to be born with before conditioning beats them down into a husk of their former potential.

As for women, my reason is far more simple. I love feminine energy, I love interacting with women, and of course I can’t say I wouldn’t mind waking up sometimes with 1 or 4 women in my bed :wink:

From that way you described khan that sounds exactly like what I need, I’m glad you have gained success from it, that’s awesome.

I do need short term wins, but after contemplation of what’s been said about khan so far it’s possible that by destroying these blocks I will end up having short term wins anyways, because if what’s blocking me from/making it harder for me to get those short terms are being worked on, perhaps that’ll do it for me.

I will consider, thank you


That’s a really good question and a very good concern.

Khan ST1 has 80% inner healing, and 20% core Khan reprogramming. Khan has a lot of social skills in it. So you will get the benefits even in Stage 1.

What I would do, honestly, is get True Social, and play 1-2 loops in the morning, and 1 loop before any important meeting or place where you need to be social. That is a really amazing SuperCharger, that will boost Khan’s skills.

And in full truth: If you didn’t have so many goals at once, with money goals, and handsome-belief goals, and wanting to be Alpha but then evolve into a Sigma and so much convoluted stuff, Primal would have been your ideal choice.

But, for now, it seems your foundation has many holes. So trust in Khan. Run Khan ST1 for 2 months, and True Social every morning, and before important events, and you will see extremely solid results.

Be like an arrow, man. Go directly towards your goal so you get there fast. Then, After Khan ST4, you can add Primal with it if you still need to. But now, if you start adding more programs, you’re just dispersing your energy which means you will get to your goals slower.

Listen to Khan ST1. Listen as much as you can. Listen while you sleep. Listen while you are aware through your phone or laptop or music system or in your car. Listen while you read, while you work, while you watch a movie, while you lift weight. And trust in the process. Without distraction :slight_smile:

Khan is in my view the best product Subliminal Club has ever created. True Social is powerful too in giving you fast social skills. Go for it, and I look forward to reading your journal!


Thank you! Looking forward to my successes with khan and true social then (:slight_smile: