Recommendations needed


I’ve probably chosen the wrong category, but I’ve been using Limitless and Ascended Mogul for 2 months. As a student, I have excelled beyond my imagination achieving presidential lists, becoming a senator of my college(engineering), and initiating research proposals. I still have time left in school, but I wish to go further! I don’t want to wait anymore!

I want to build a product or service and liberate myself from monotony(Entrepreneurship). It is also important for me to free myself of expectations and fear(rejection, imperfection, etc) as I suffer a lot from these thoughts. It’s not that I can’t achieve charisma and females because at my peak(courageous), I’ve seen myself get women I never figured I could. It’s the fear of failure that truly prevents me altogether.

All in all, I need a mentor with these subliminals. I have an arsenal of subliminals, but I want to minimize the amount for better effect. Here’s my current stack:

Ascended Mogul
Primal x2

Is this cool? Based off of what I’ve said so far, what would you recommend?


My recommendation:

Emperor x2
Limitless x2
Ascended Mogul x1
Primal x1
Rebirth x1

I’d drop the S&S unless you intend on going out and actively trying to meet women – A LOT. The best way to describe S&S is “Limitless, with the ‘learning’ geared toward seduction.’” Primal is better for “passive seduction,” as in, just meeting women in casual settings and the such. It also has scripting that will reinforce the others.

The Emperor / Limitless / Ascended Mogul will fuel your entrepreneurship. And Rebirth, of course, helps remove subconscious blocks.

Ideal Stack for Active Seducers

I was under the impression that you need to develop a solid foundation first before you run Emperor. Reason why you need to run either Ascension or Ascended Mogul before you even touch Emperor. I was also under the impression that Emperor is a more potent version of Ascended Mogul. Am I wrong?

Can you run Ascended Mogul and Emperor in the stack? What would the benefits of that be since Asc. Mogul is already included in Emperor?


I think you can use the other Ascenscion and Mogul or Ascended mogul to reinforce certain parts in Emperor, I also understood that the thinbg about emperor is that it’s meant to help you build your empire, not just perform exceptionally well in the financial area(i.e mogul / ascended mogul).

Emperor + Ascenscion = Extra focus on self-confidence/independence
Emperor + Mogul = Extra Financial focus
Emperor + Ascended Mogul = AlphaFinancial Focus, but Emperor adds ‘empire building’ on top of that?


It’s recommended, but it’s not a hard rule. It’s up to you and what you need. Those of you that are really into self-development may not need to follow this course. The benefits of running Asc. Mogul even though the script is in Emperor is that you reinforce those elements, while not getting bombarded with Emperor’s hard-hitting script.

This is true also. Emperor is focused on empire building, which some people may not want. It can consume your life.