Recommendations for Ultima titles to help with accessing emotions?


So I’ve realized one of the biggest issues I have is emotional suppression. Before I can even get to healing the emotion, about 90% of the time I have a block before that’s preventing me from doing so. Guilt, shame, fear, I don’t know whatever it is it prevents me from integrating what the subliminals are doing. It’s like a very multi layered disposition towards my own emotional landscape.

I was running the limit destroyer Ultima, but I’m not sure that’s going to cover this issue. I have elixir which would probably help. But I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this.

A quick note I’ve tried meditation for this. I just have to say this is a lifelong chronic very subtle problem for me. Suppression doesn’t always mean actively holding it in, sometimes it’s dissociating. Meditation doesn’t work for this problem, it can actually make it worse. Less internal focus has actually been helping me more. So I’m going to guess the best approach for this is just working on it slowly and ironically giving it as little conscious focus as possible. It seems when I dive into it more consciously, the more issues and defense mechanisms arise.


I do understand your question.

I’ll answer it this way. If you have been running SC programs for 90 days or so (and I think you have), I’d encourage you to check out Dragon Reborn. It seems to be helping people with many things.


Dragon Reborn.


I hesitate to run Dragon Reborn. I don’t think I’m ready for that level of commitment. I already have a hard enough time on my custom at times and it’s relatively light. I just don’t want to run something and dig myself further into a hole. I’ll check through some of the other journals but I don’t think I have the energy or stability in my life to run something of this caliber right now.


I think it’s important to be honest with where you think you are.


How about RebirthU and/or Regeneration then?


Sounds like you want to run an Ultima because you want to make sure it’s light enough.

It also seems like this may involve trial and error since it may be a matter of hitting whatever your specific block or pattern happens to be about.

But just from what you’ve described it sounds like The Elixir Ultima might have a chance.

You said accessing your emotions, not healing your emotions.

But you also mentioned suppressing emotions which is a coping strategy (that you don’t want to overuse). So, this may be related.


Rebirth has been hit or miss for me. Sometimes it’s a bit too heavy and it results in days of reconciliation for me. Regeneration, maybe. I’ve already got blue skies in my custom and I’m not sure how heavy that one is. I’m also trying to avoid stacking programs.

Yes they’re kind of 2 sides of the same coin. It gets tricky.

I’ll have to give ElixirU another shot consistently. I guess I find it difficult to find time to run the ultimas. During the day it’s too disruptive with work. Getting off work I’m doing music and I can’t play it at the same time while working on stuff because it’s masked.

But yes I’d agree this is largely trial and error which I’m still working out.