Recommendations for a Struggling Christian


Hello. Thank you for starting this site and revolutionizing the subliminal market. I need some help in picking out a good stack for becoming a business owner and a self-reliant man, as well as a better Christian (helping others more and not being so selfish).

I am a wannabe business owner who wants to start a company in entertainment, music in particular. I believe this is my calling in my life. I would like some recommendations for how to get started with my attitude adjustment. I have been living in a comfortable and uneventful life for the past four years and I have decided that it is beyond time to make something of myself.


Two words : Ascended Mogul


Could I use Emperor without jeopardizing my faith? As well as Regeneration/Elixir?
I was thinking about
-Regeneration / Elixir
-Limitless / Beyond Limitless


I’ve used Emperor for about 7 months now and I don’t believe that there is anything that it can do to make you compromise your beliefs. It has instructions that will help you become the best version of yourself. I’m thrilled with the results I’ve had and I can’t think of anything that I’ve done since using it that wasn’t congruent with my previous values and beliefs.

In fact, I’d say that since using Emperor my patience, generosity and gratitude have increased and I’d say those are good qualities in a person, Christian or otherwise.


That looks like a great stack. However Emperor is not a beginner’s sub. If you’ve never used subs before, it might be a bit challenging to run. Reason why a lot of people (myself included) run Ascension or Ascended Mogul first. You need a strong foundation before can run Emperor.
Experimentation is key here. Try and see what works for you. The only two things I would advise are :
1 - Keep your stack focused. The less subs you run, the faster you’ll see results.
2 - Stay consistent. Don’t start jumping from one sub to the next one and therefore sabotaging your efforts. Pick those that work for your goals and run them until you get results.

As far as your faith and morals, a sub can’t affect those. Whether you use subliminals or not you’re still equipped with free will. Remember this : a sub is a like a powerful engine under the hood of a car. Regardless of how powerful the engine, YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE for driving the car. Where you take your car or your life is your own choice and decision. You can’t blame a sub for making you a better or worse Christian.

Now if, for example, you wanted to be a pastor and run a church, Ascension, Ascended Mogul or Emperor could probably help you become a more charismatic and effective leader. But certainly not a better or worse Christian.


If you want a sub that will push you towards your goals and become a better man use Emperor.


Ascended Mogul.

If that’s your definition of being a better Christian, then I’m with @ksub on this.
Emperor, at least in the short term, will make you seem more selfish - not because it makes you selfish, but because it makes you super-focused on your goals.

Same for Emperor not being the best place for starting out.

@Yardbird of course, is our Emperor legend, and he’s right that SubClub products do not make you do anything incongruent with your previous values and beliefs.

Even though I’m not from a Christian background, I’d say Emperor made me more attracted to follow Neville Goddard’s interpretation of the Bible.

Living with Emperor’s big goals, reality bending and evolution modules, requires a degree of faith in yourself and in God/Universe.


Glad to find another follower of Neville Goddard.

I am a follower of Neville Goddard too-he teaches that your imagination can create your reality but for Christians, they have to be aware that Neville Goddard interprets the Bible in a different way.

Anyway I have started running Ascended Mogul yesterday and plan to continue for a few weeks at least as I feel I need a foundation for Emperor.


There’s nothing in any of our scripts that can force you to compromise your faith. There’s no spiritual programming in any of them (unless you consider auras “spiritual”). Now… if you’re asking if the subliminals can cause you to question things – yes, it very much can happen. I personally went through a crisis of existence about a month ago that lasted around two weeks (I mentioned it on my journal), where I would break out in panic attacks over the idea of my consciousness just ceasing to exist upon death. Over time, I began to realize that Emperor was actually digging into my fears of quitting day job and pursuing entrepreneurship full-time, since my subconscious was associating having a day job as “survival,” and without it, I’d die. It has since passed, and I’m rearranging my life to support working for myself 100% when I’m ready.

See how it works?


Yes. I do. Thanks.
Will probably go with Emperor and Dreams.


I too am a Christian, and I’ll add that since using subs that directly challenged my deeply held truths, I’ve let go of a lot of denial. Over 2 years ago, while on a strong emotional healing sub (from another vendor), I pulled out of nearly all my long-time social hangouts, church included. My reason was I realized I put on a false front automatically. I’m seeking truth daily, but what touches me deeply is that I see my God seeking me. He seeks interaction with me, daily.

I came to SC both with anticipation and cautiousness, wanting freedom but fearing I’d have to abandon my morals and standards. I never challenged people or authorities much at all, so that was why I was afraid.

I first bought Emperor, ran it for 4 hours, while posting my questions here. I got thoroughly pissed on Emperor alone, and Alexander added his suggestion of using Ascension to prime my thinking, since Emperor is a very fast mover of change. I did Ascension for 3 months, moving on to Ascension Mogul. I began Emperor last week, and the transition was pretty smooth. No emotional explosions at all. (I’d done some on Ascension to a manipulative coworker). Emperor is changing me, and I’d not be here if I’d stayed with Emperor from the beginning. The pace of change on Emperor is sudden and steady, so if you choose to change, no shame. Yeah, in my first 4 hours on it, I felt like even telling Alexander “F*** OFF!” It showed clearly how much I was not in control of my own life and thinking, and it infuriated me. His counsel saved me.

It took courage to admit this too Smythsonian. Great job!