Recommendation for a new user?


I’ve been using subs for years with great success up until maybe a year and a half ago when things kind of just went flat, and have only just become aware of subliminal club. Understanding where this company has come from and who has founded it I’m excited to give these titles a try.

I’m at a crossroads in my life, I’ve got to level up my leadership as that is what is being asked of me by my organisation - which is an impactful place to work. It’s a lot of responsibility and if i move forward with it I want to be a really good leader who makes good authentic and difficult decisions, and can inspire people rather than just another person who has made it but isn’t actually much use.

I’m also in the middle of a very advanced Machine Learning Course which is taking up a lot of mental energy and I need to be on point for it.

This would mean though that I have to sort out my mental strength, intelligence, productivity and have a deep level of consciousness and confidence. I’ve had this to some extent with other subs but i just got a peak of it and it was gone.

Quantum Limitless seems like the right way to go for this but then comes two other goals which I have.

I also want a rounded life with financial independence; for which Emperor looks as though it would do the job as it has intelligence enhancement within it.

My final goal but possibly the most important is my spiritual development. The Alchemist seems like it has an amazing set of goals in getting the right spiritual purpose and practices down and cultivating the commitment for this.

So i’m considering that the best approach would be to invest in developing the spiritual foundation first, going through and embedding the lessons of the Alchemist, then cultivating the material strength of Emperor, or perhaps moving straight into Quantum Limitless.

My sense is that by helping me establish my spiritual purpose and practice, leadership, resilience and personal power will be strong enough to get me through the learning, financial and societal challenges which are coming up and so this should be my prime focus.

I’d be grateful for peoples thoughts on this.

Many thanks,



These recommendations posts are fun and may start becoming my favorite types of posts.

Reading people’s recommendations is a good way to learn from the experience and ideas of other people on here.

My main recommendation is to continue checking-in with your own intuitive responses (as it seems you have been doing). This work (i.e., applying subliminals to facilitate goal-achievement) involves the subconscious, which is also the domain from which intuitive insights, and the inner voice, often arise.

When you mentioned that you wanted to strengthen your leadership skills and judgment in the context of an organization that you’ve been in already for some time, my attention kind of glommed onto that one point. I think of Emperor as being more about leading oneself and determining one’s own path, rather than being a focal point for others. Then as I read your thoughts about Alchemist as well as about your fruitful history with subliminals in the past, I could see the logic of your proposed approach.

Hmm…well, I’ll get the ball rolling.

  • Don’t forget about Stark Q. Should aid with the Machine Learning course and with the mental strength, intelligence, and productivity. From what I’ve read, it should also contribute significantly to the financial goals. Since you already have a professional context for advancement, for learning, for leadership, and even it seems for some degree of innovation; StarkQ may suit your situation well.

  • It sounds like you aspire to embody a leadership approach that is grounded in internal presence and spiritual integrity. Alchemist sounds excellent for that.

  • Quantum Limitless sounds excellent for your long-term learning and intelligence goals as well. I think that would work. I suggest Stark Q because your current life seems to be quite engaged with organizational relationships and leadership. From what I’ve read of it, Stark Q seems to be located at the place where the Venn diagrams for Ecstasy of Gold, Khan, and Quantum Limitless meet. Charismatic, Innovative, Intelligent Leader. Also, since you’ve already had a lot of past successes with subliminals, I’m assuming that a dense, complex mixture may be something that you are ready for.

So, I guess my votes would be for: Stark Q and Alchemist


@Malkuth would you be able to give me an insight about the healing part in Stark Q compared to the stage 1’s? (EOG/ Khan)


Only in a theoretical sense. I have not used Stark Q although I’m really intrigued by it.

The healing stages focus on dissolving and releasing blocks and fixations that would interfere with the growth processes of a particular subliminal. That would, by necessity, be a highly individualized process. But healing, in general, comes down to one thing: replacing fear-triggered rigidity and tension with pliable, adaptive, responsiveness. That kind of pliable adaptiveness is possible when you TRUST. And in turn, as responsiveness deepens, trust is also able to deepen.

That all sounds nice and would be a wonderful trip to the land of Oz (oh, no pun intended), except for the fact that the experiences of life inevitably bring pain. It’s easier to tense with pain than to relax. That’s an over-simplified account of where our fixations come from. They’re sort of a map or a history of our experiences of pain and rigid defenses we’ve developed in response.

So, even though we don’t know about the secret, proprietary programming in the subliminals, since we do know about the basic phenomenon of healing and fixation, we can surmise that the various healing phases of the different programs must facilitate release, letting go, and deepening of trust relative to the core issues of each program.

If that’s true, then the main thing that would get refined over time would be the intensity and power of those healing technologies.


Malkuth, thanks that was a very helpful and engaging response! I looked at Stark Q and a couple of things made me unsure, first the part about courting attention - i’m not sure I want a huge profile. The other thing is, I went through a long sub for development which took me through many challenging manifestations - that was fine for the time but now as a parent I’m not keen on bringing that around my family

That aside Stark Q seems perfect. I think it’s great that you can run multiple subs at one time. I figure i’m in this for the long haul, and reading what the Alchemist Core multi stage sub does, having a solid basis in my purpose feels like a higher priority than anything else; and after some reflection perhaps I would be the leader I want to be if i have that authentic purpose and direction ingrained first. Without getting too esoteric, i keep sensing the odd negative energy around me, and I have a meditation/kriya yoga practice which keeps falling off and so Alchemist would seems to help with both of these as well.

So I think I’ll go for Alchemist, and perhaps run Limitless on the sider to aid in my Machine Learning course.

Thanks again, Malkuth


That sounds like an awesome plan @DRWN. Grounded!


Ok so after running Limitless Q for a bit i took the plunge and now am on the Alchemist journey. Let’s see how this goes!