Rebuilt Masked Sex & Seduction Now Available


The rebuilt masked version of Sex & Seduction with lowered volume and remastering is now available. It’s as close to Emperor as I could get it without ruining the subliminal itself. Keep in mind that LIMITLESS has a new masking track, so it’ll sound a bit different, but it was compared against Emperor’s volume too.

The track will be available in your downloads as “Subliminal Club - Sex & Seduction (Masked v2)” – just in case some of you want to keep the original one. Your downloads have also been reset as a courtesy. If the track isn’t available in your downloads, please send an e-mail to [email protected].


11-12-18 @ 11:30 PM:
I tried downloading the rebuilt S&S masked track, but I don’t see the new one. Is the new masked track supposed to be labeled “Masked v2”? I also sent you a progress report on the message titled “Experimental Testing” about my testing with S&S and the experimental track, and haven’t received a response from you yet.


Try again now – the script to add the file to everyone’s account skipped a lot of the pre-order customers. Problem has been rectified. I’m working through the backlog of support emails and messages on the forum. Getting Limitless out last week was the first priority, then releasing this hotfix for S&S.


11-13-18 @ 12:40 AM:
Ok I tried to download the new masked v2 track of S&S, and got some download errors. Tried it 5 times and now I ran out of download slots. Please look into this and let me know when the download slots have also been reset so I can try again tomorrow morning.


I have tried downloading 3 times, my download counter was reduced by 3, but all I get is an error when I try to get v2 of the masked SS.
Here is the error:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



<Message>Access Denied</Message>



It’s like all my automation scripts decided to break at once. The cloud storage upload script skipped making the file actually public. Try again. I’ll reset everyone’s download count later today.


It is downloading fine now.


I don’t find it (masked v2) in the download page, I believe it is having the same issue as before for pre-orders.


I just downloaded V2 and had purchased it as a pre-order.


11-13-18 @ 2:45 PM:
well, I signed in twice just to see, and it’s still not there, and I purchased mine as a pre-order, so I don’t know what’s going on. It was listed last night as “Masked v2”, but not now.


I Pre-ordered and it’s on my download page. All is fine here.


11-13-18 @ 2:55 PM:
I just checked right now for a third time. It is showing only when I click on “orders” and then click on “view” for order details. Unfortunately it is showing a count of “0” for downloads remaining. So, I guess I’m the only one having this issue.


I have reset your download count – if it’s still not there, I’ll just send it to you via e-mail until I figure out what the issue is.


11-13-18 @ 5:20 PM:
Ok now it’s in there. Just downloaded it and listening to it at the moment. Thank you for fixing the issue.


Warm thanks again to the staff at Subliminal club