Reborn as Seductive Stark (RebirthU + StarkQ + PS)


Hey everyone, I am so excited to be here. Today is the day I officially begin my SubClub journey. I’ve been listening to subs from a variety of producers for a while now, but had a strong intuition that I was overwhelming myself without clear goals and I should take a break. I took a much needed washout and focused on determining what I truly wanted in this life. After deep contemplation on my vision, along with the recommendations of this wonderful community, I have decided to focus on StarkQ as my main program since it most complements my goals.

My Goals for this Journey

  • Be a dominant social alpha leader
  • Be fearlessly charismatic and freely express myself
  • Develop my creative gifts and bring them out to the world
  • Start my side business while succeeding at my sales job
  • Date a number of high quality women
  • Have an array of exciting adventures
  • Maintain perfect health and great physique

Traits to Develop

  • Seductive Charmer - fearless self-expression, embrace the spotlight, sexual aura/frame, unaffected by the thoughts/opinions of others, perfect salesperson, charming, witty, charismatic
  • Alpha Leader - badass with inner conviction, dominant, less agreeable / nice guy behavior, beloved and respected leader, powerful presence, quick learner / adaptable
  • Responsibility - assertively confident & decisive action taker, stop avoidant behavior and attack challenge / conflict head on, outcome independence, go with the flow

While Stark will be my primary core, I was trying to decide what else I should add to complement it. The other night I was watching Iron Man 2 for inspiration, when this scene struck a major chord and caused one of those ‘AHA’ moments (starts at 2:31):

It became glaringly obvious to my intuition that RebirthU + StarkQ is just what I need right now. I am so excited to see where this journey takes me. I will try to journal as much as possible to help myself and you all to gauge my progress and see how well I can rise from the ashes and become reborn as Stark.

Khan vs Stark vs Emperor vs HoM vs PCC

Day 0 - 11/9 & 11/10

Rebirth x 1 (each day)

After a 3 day washout, I decided to prep my mind for this StarkQ journey by running RebirthU solo for a couple days. I had been in a bit of a funk for the previous week or so, and on Monday 11/9 was having a super lazy morning in bed just browsing the internet mindlessly. I had no real motivation to do much, despite sleeping for 10+ hours. Even though I was considering a few more days of a complete washout, I felt the intuitive nudge to do 1 loop of Rebirth U just to get my mindset ready for the change that is to come. While listening I was still lying in bed still feeling sorry for myself - I even began to peak at some porn type images despite being on NoFap (which luckily I didn’t break but almost went down that rabbit hole).

As soon as the 1 hour audio finished, I get this overwhelming urge to get up, to move, to do SOMETHING. I knew I needed to get out of the house and get outside. So I decide to go to the beach of all places. I get there and one thing I notice is the continual addictive pull to be on my phone. This urge to browse this forum, or YouTube, or whatever keeps occurring. I catch myself a few times and seem to be a lot more conscious about it (perhaps this is Rebirth already showing me something to change?). Anyways, eventually I just kind of relax and start meditating on my past and whats to come in my future. I get charged up with excitement, and as the sun starts to set, I go to a cafe near by where I handle some minor business which I had been avoiding. Then I went to the gym and despite not getting a great workout, I find myself proud that I went - especially since I was coming up with excuses earlier in the day.

Since my workout wasn’t great, I decided I wanted to stretch out and do some casual yoga. Once again, the pull of the phone addiction takes over and I end up avoiding the yoga for some cheap dopamine hits. The good news is that I am becoming more consciously aware of this. I think this is a great sign as to Rebirth showing me immediately a habit I need to change in my life.

Yesterday, 11/10, I noticed I was a lot more cognizant of the urge to be on my phone. I felt much more conscious in my cell phone usage. Although I did get swept up in another hour of YouTube binge in the middle of the work day. But hey, I am becoming more aware of this, and awareness is how transformation begins. Another noticeable effect of Rebirth was that I was made aware of the fact that I was being too hard on myself and allowed myself to go with the flow of life more. There are periods of immense action and periods of rest and rejuvenation, and I seem to be in one of those more yin resting periods right now. Being someone who loves taking action and moving the needle, I had been beating myself up emotionally. Last night I was meditating on the fact that life comes in ebbs and flows, and beating myself up does not help anything.

So overall my impression so far of the couple days running RebirthU solo was that it seems to bring conscious awareness to negative patterns that maybe had gone unnoticed or had been ignored. With the awareness and attention on what needs to change, I am excited to see how Stark will come into the mix to help facilitate these necessary changes.


Welcome to the community, friend.

It’s great you decided to take control over your self-development and move towards your goals.

I think RebirthU is the best sub for any sub which builds foundations since it reframes your subconscious towards your “new identity”, towards the archetype which is to be instilled. On top of that it amplifies the results and helps deal with your limits and inner obstacles. I woulds say, you made an excellent choice.


Thank you! I agree with you completely. Right now I feel like I am going through a massive transformation and rebirth of identity so RebirthU seemed like the obvious choice. I can’t wait to see how this works in conjunction with a core sub like Stark. So far so good.


Day 1 - 11/11/2020

Rebirth x 1
StarkQ x 2

Wanted to ease into it since I know these subliminals can be dense. Today was a good day, especially compared to recent weeks. I have been in a rut since basically the start of November and today felt like I was finally starting to get my groove back. I seemed less concerned with the mental and emotional bs I had been processing the past couple of weeks, and was able to be somewhat productive in a more relaxed, carefree kind of way. I say somewhat productive since this is far from what I know I am capable of, but a step up from recent days. I had a short, yet effective heavy bag workout at the gym, and was also able to tackle a couple of tasks I had been procrastinating on.

I seem to be positively impacted by Rebirth, based on the couple of things I had noted in the previous entry. I was way more conscious of the phone addiction today, and was able to consciously change my behavior when I noticed the urge to mindlessly use my phone. Also, I was definitely easier on myself today when compared to recent weeks.

A couple of notable events that stuck out:

  • Two girls from my past hit me up on Snapchat. One of them (we had a thing years back) sent me pictures of her boobs. She had just got a boob job and wanted to show off I guess :smirk: She also told me I was in her dream last night. The other sent me a picture of us from 3 years ago and told me she misses me.
  • I found myself laughing to myself uncontrollably in the shower. Just like one of those laughs where you don’t even know why you’re laughing but everything seems hilarious for no apparent reason. Not sure what this is all about but I’m certainly not complaining.

Anyways, that’s it for me. I’m going to try a 3rd loop of Stark tomorrow and report back. Crazy things are happening already and it’s only Day 1!


Day 2

RebirthU x 1
StarkQ (masked) x 3

Today was solid. I felt some of the positive effects of Stark and also my first taste with reconciliation tonight. A summary:

  • Carefree attitude - not nearly as concerned about others as I usually am
  • There was an issue where one of my roommate’s friends inadvertently woke me up from my sleep this morning. I immediately texted him about it without hesitation / rumination like I normally would (although I avoided talking to him about it in person later)
  • 2nd day in a row where I was motivated to go to the gym, and got a short but intense boxing workout in. I got a great sweat in although my endurance seems to have been reduced.
  • I noticed more eyes on me / glance from strangers throughout the day.
  • On my commute to my morning sales appointment, I was noticeably more productive than usual making phone calls - where normally I would just dick around listening to music or a podcast.
  • More conscious of my attention and focus during the day
  • My manager called me a “super star” which has never happened before
  • I again noticed myself laughing by myself a lot to just random thoughts that would pop up in my head.
  • My conversations seem to be loosening up, and are more freely flowing with less overthinking.
  • In addition to the realization I have been hooked on my phone and too hard on myself, I also realized I have been giving too much attention to what others are doing / how they are reacting to me. I noticed this in an objective, non emotional or judgmental way. It seems like Rebirth is really working its magic.
  • When charging my Tesla I had a strong desire to walk around and explore an unfamiliar part of the city I live in. Normally when charging it at one of the supercharger stations I will sit in my car and just dick around, but today I walked around in a carefree way, and went into a store and struck up a conversation with a couple of the people there.
  • Afterwards, I was able to intuitively know exactly how to find my car in this unfamiliar spot, despite walking several blocks in a random fashion. Normally I’d rely on GPS in this situation but today my instincts kicked in.

While I had a wonderful day, later my first dose of reconciliation kicked in:

  • I’ve noticed this pattern emerge where I feel this addiction to browsing new subliminals / combinations. Almost like a grass is greener, shiny object syndrome effect. This has been a pattern of mine that has been ongoing before starting SubClub, but it especially was pronounced after I got home from work tonight. I was aggressively browsing this forum reading people’s journals and various posts. As well as looking at some Youtube subs comment section. It’s not even like I am considering switching things up, especially since many of the sub experiences I read about have nothing to do with my more of like a mental masturbation thing. It’s akin to mindlessly browsing Youtube videos with no purpose. Next thing you know a few hours have gone by and you’ve accomplished nothing. Same thing happened with me tonight looking for sub journals that don’t even pertain to me. Oh well, awareness is the first step. Rebirth seems to be showing me this is something I need to change, and is probably tied into this pattern of concerning myself with what others are doing.
  • I also feel generally in a mind fog, kind of out of it and fatigued, which I know are classic reconciliation symptoms. I may lower it down to 2 Stark loops tomorrow.

All in all, the main lesson of the day for me is to Produce >> Consume. I have been a consumer of internet “stuff” for far too long and I know in my heart it’s time for me to start creating and producing something of value to give to the world. Hopefully Stark can aid in this vision.


Day 3

Rebirth x1
StarkQ (masked) x1
StarkQ (ultrasonic) x1

For now it seems like 2 loops of Stark and 1 of Rebirth is the sweet spot. Will keep this up for the next few days and consider upping the dosage next week sometime. Some highlights from today:

  • Had a wet dream that woke me up at 3:30am. I haven’t had one of those in a long time so this was unexpected. Hopefully it means my sexual energy is being activated (discussed in more detail later in post)
  • I got the best workout I’ve gotten in months! I was locked in the whole time and really was able to get a great satisfying sweat in. I felt accomplished leaving the gym knowing I put in such a solid effort. I have been really drawn to boxing / MMA and may start taking classes.
  • I could feel my masculine energy surging up inside me, particularly in the late morning early afternoon after that great workout. I was very easily fired up with this inner fire/rage, which is unusual as I am typically more reserved and calm. For example, I was really drawn to listen to 50 Cent’s aggressive style of rap music and it really resonated with me.
  • I didn’t give a fuck about no one’s bullshit - it’s like people were getting on my nerves easier. This is unusual for me, but definitely welcomed as I am working on being less of a people pleaser and standing more in my power.
  • This masculine energy made me a bit on edge but in a controlled kind of channeled way. When interacting with people at work it was GREAT, and conversations flowed naturally, but when I was by myself this edginess came out. For example, I never get road rage but today I honked at someone on the freeway who was being an dumbass. Again, I am happy about this quality developing as I desire to be a masculine Stark.
  • I was a bit rushed and scrambled at a sales appointment, where normally I’d be really anxious the entire time but only was anxious for a brief moment and was quickly able to settle into the situation with relaxed composure.
  • Less care about my appearance - I had plans to meet up with my coworkers for a happy hour event after work. Usually I spend at least a few minutes on my hair when getting ready but today I just said fuck it and headed out the door without thinking much about it.
  • Some old memories came up of missed opportunities with beautiful chicks because I wasn’t willing to put myself out there sexually and stand in my sexual masculine power. I am now realizing this has been the main hindrance to my dating success over the years. I have everything else in order for the most part, but tend to treat everyone platonically. I now realize I have been stifling my sexual energy for far too long and really need to work on cultivating and getting comfortable with that side of myself much much more. I am thinking of stacking Libertine with Stark later down the line to help with this aspect, but first want to see how this Rebirth + Stark stack goes. What do y’all think? Or is there a better option out there to address this specifically?

A couple of interesting synchronicities that happened today

  • A YouTube video I was listening to on my commute mentioned a Phoenix rising from the ashes - which is very interesting considering the sales copy of Rebirth
  • A client I was working with was trying to think of the word for something related to our products and said “subliminal” (not the correct word) while looking me dead in the eyes.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend I’ll let you know how things go tomorrow!


Day 4

RebirthU x1
StarkQ (masked) x2
RebirthU x1

Taking a rest day tomorrow, so I decided to run an extra loop of Rebirth after my standard stack to really help with some extra healing. I’m very focused on healing myself as I build this new life of mine and have been very impressed with the healing effects of Rebirth.

Here are my notes for today:

  • I had a pretty lazy morning, which turned into a lazy day for the most part. This felt needed, however, and I was able to go with the flow and not feel bad about it. I have been able to recognize the seasons of life and life’s ebbs and flows much more since starting Rebirth - basically just been more accepting of myself moment to moment.
  • I feel like a butterfly ready to emerge from its cocoon. I’ve been a bit of a hermit the past few weeks but have the intuition that I’m in the process of emerging “from the ashes” as a much more refined version of myself. Even had the intuition to watch a video of a caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly lol
  • I’ve been commenting and participating in online discussions much more readily. Before I was mainly a lurker but recently I’ve been wanting to put myself out there and be an active participant. I chalk this up to Stark.
  • I feel less guilty about not responding immediately to certain people’s messages. For some reason, I used to have this underlying guilt that I was “hurting” them by not responding to their texts, snapchats, etc. Now I’m realizing that I was just hurting myself by feeling this way. I feel like I’m gradually stepping more and more into my power and living life on my terms.
  • I decided to take a break from drinking for a while. While it was never a major issue, I have more important things to focus on. I’ve realized that drinking even once a week has been preventing me from reaching my full potential. For example, last night I had just a couple of drinks with my coworkers and woke up today feeling extremely sluggish and unable to attack the day like I’d like to.
  • I successfully fasted the entire day (until 6pm) to give my body a reset from the crap food and alcohol I had last night. I originally wanted to fast until tomorrow, but was feeling very cold in my extremities, and decided to eat something.
  • Today has mostly been a day of contemplation and consideration of my life and where I want to go. Not much action, more like preparation for what’s to come.
  • On the down(ish) side, I broke a NoFap streak. However, once again I did not shame myself for it as I once would. I actually quickly reframed this ‘relapse’ as a good thing because it means my sexual energy is coming back, which is very desirable actually. Rebirth seems to really be working its magic by allowing me see things from a new perspective.

A couple more synchronicities

  • ANOTHER Youtube video mentioned a Phoenix rising from the ashes
  • A different video said the name Jarvis (a mispronunciation of Ricky Gervais’ last name), which was the name of Tony Stark’s virtual assistant

In all, today was not my most productive action wise, but I feel good about it. I came to some necessary realizations, and am seeing things from a much better perspective than I used to. Tomorrow is a rest day, but I will still report any updates from then.


I’m pretty surprised that StarkQ increased your masculine energy. Many users, I’m one of them, experienced the opposite on Stark. It made us soft, indecisive and passive. Maybe it’s about stacking it with Rebirth which is supposed to help you reframe and change your “identity”. Once again, an excellent stack.


You might be onto something. I’m also watching this journal.

Thank you @Ice for sharing


It’s hard to pinpoint exactly since this is my first SubClub sub experience (and first week at that). What I can confirm is that sexual healing and stepping into my masculine power has been in my awareness as one of my top priorities to focus on.

It’s very possible that Rebirth is providing the catalyst to provoke these changes within. Time will tell I guess.


Day 5: Rest Day

Today was a fantastic Sunday, as I continued to notice some interesting patterns emerge:

  • Ended up fapping again last night before bed, and still woke up with morning wood! It’s crazy as it seems like my sexual energy has really been unlocking - which is highly welcomed as I know there are some blockages and shame I’ve been working through.
  • Speaking of shame, I feel like I’m more readily open about talking about shameful things. Whereas before I would be embarrassed to share, now I don’t really care. For example, when hanging with some friends tonight I told them a couple stories of drunk mistakes. A few years ago I would’ve been very hesitant and more resistant to telling stories of this nature, but this time I almost felt inclined to tell them. Perhaps Rebirth encouraging me to let the shame die in the light?
  • I struck up a quick casual conversation with an attractive girl working at a cafe I was visiting. Couldn’t really get a flirty vibe going, perhaps due to fapping twice yesterday.
  • I have begun reading Think and Grow Rich while listening to the audiobook simultaneously. This seems to be a much more efficient way for me to absorb and engage with the information in the book. This is the first time I have ever consumed a book this way, and my guess is that it is Stark helping me to find ways to work smarter not harder.
  • I mapped out a specific plan for a business I have wanted to start for a while. I’ve known for some time now generally what I want to do, but now I have a lean and focused plan of attack. While I was previously more scattered and vague about how to execute, I know am much much clearer.
  • I also clearly defined my definite chief aim, which I am unbelievably excited about! I have found a singular primary focus for the next year or so and couldn’t be happier about it.
  • Part of this involves putting myself out there on YouTube, which I am now excited to do - whereas before I was held back by fear. Stark fame seems to be doing its thing.
  • I posted a comment on a YouTube video that got over 100 likes. Stark fame at work once again.
  • I created a script for my first YouTube video and plan to release it tomorrow
  • A buddy of mine offered me his $450 sunglasses. Someone had previously tried to steal them and I had taken them back and been holding onto them for while. He wanted me to keep them but I insisted out of politeness (and I don’t really need them tbh). He kept thanking me and promised he’d remember what I did for him and said he’d be hooking me up down the line. Maybe Stark causing people to act with kindness towards me? Or just good karma who knows lol

A couple general observations

  • I feel more confident knowing the next move to make, and sort of am just able to intuitively make it without ruminating and paralysis by analysis (my previous default decision making mode)
  • I am checking out girls more comfortably and with less shame
  • I am noticing more and more this nervous habit I have of biting my fingernail beds. I am becoming increasingly conscious of this habit and my desire to change is increasing. Rebirth seems to be at work once again.
  • Overall, I feel unstuck and finally able to move forward towards the life of my dreams!


I’m curious how it goes for you later on since I vacilate between stacking RebirthU with Emperor/Stark when I’m done with my healing stack. Stark is really versatile while Emperor is focused on solo entrepreneurship without the social edge of Stark.


I’ll do my best to keep you posted and be as detailed as possible. It is super helpful for me to get my thoughts and reflections out on this journal, and I hope to be as helpful as I can for y’all as well.


Day 6

Rebirth x 1
Stark (masked) x 2

  • Manifested a free cup of coffee
  • I found myself to be more commanding and less asking. What I mean by this is I used to worried about people taking my requests the wrong way, fear of confrontation, so I’d go out of my way to be over-the-top polite. This time was different. Example: I said “Have Ben send me over the details.” whereas before I would usually say “Can you ask Ben to send me over the details?” It’s a subtle difference but definitely is a sign of the development of leadership qualities.
  • I was at a restaurant eating lunch and blatantly farted without trying to hold back or even care if anyone noticed LOL. I also had my feet propped up on the other side of the booth not caring in the slightest bit about social norms. I love this new IDGAF attitude.
  • I’m more focused on myself and less focused on what other people are thinking, which is SO great
  • Less analytical planner more intuitive action taker. I’m still productive but more in a way where I just go with the flow doing what feels right in each moment.

What I LOVE About RebirthU:

It is showing me not only what I need to change, but also how I HAVE been changing since starting these programs. Part of the reason this journal is so detailed is because I feel like Rebirth is reminding me throughout the day of subtle ways that my behavior and mindset is shifting. I get these intuitive nudges to write down these notes which I never used to do with any subs I’ve run in the past!


It’s a real pleasure to follow your journal. I’m planning on running the very same stack when I’m done with the healing. It’s going to my second approach to Stark, this time with RebirthU under the belt. I think RebirthU should be used every time you start playing a sub with an archetype to help you reframe.


Day 7

Rebirth x 1
Stark x 3

I think 4 loops (including Rebirth) is my limit at the moment. By the end of my last loop of Stark I felt some slight pressure on the side of my head, though it subsided quickly and there were no additional symptoms of reconciliation. So 4 seems to be a good spot for me to push the limits of my mind while not going overboard. Anyways, here is the summary from today:

  • Woke up with morning wood again.
  • I noticed that people don’t question what I do. It’s like they know I’m competent and can handle my shit. It must be this new vibe I’m projecting.
  • Life seems more fun, and less serious. More flowy, less thinky.
  • I am carrying myself like a boss - not in a domineering intimidating kind of way. More in a smooth relaxed kind of way where I just have this confident knowing that I can handle any situation with my intelligence, charm and wit. Like I’m more trusting of my mental faculties to get me through whatever life throws at me
  • I am catching myself every time I start picking my nail beds - more and more awareness of these types of bad habits and continue to make the conscious choice to change. I soon am expecting this nervous habit will be a thing of the past.
  • People have been very pleasant to me

Another Synchronicity

  • I saw a Charles Schwab office, which is SO interesting since I read about him last night in Think and Grow Rich.

Another Reason I Love Rebirth

Rebirth seems to allow for more patience for these changes to unfold. Not always in every moment, but it’s like I have this constant subtle reassurance that all is good and that change is happening even if I can’t see it externalized yet.

I’m like many of your where I have been obsessed with looking for results on the outside, and getting frustrated / disappointed when they aren’t there yet. Now I’m becoming more and more detached from the external outcomes and just allowing them to show up naturally while enjoying the process of internal transformation I am going through.


Thank you @Voytek! I’m glad you’re enjoying the journey. Rebirth is absolutely incredible and I can’t recommend this sub highly enough. I agree with you - I definitely feel like it would compliment any sub especially when first starting out.


You mentioned your productivity but how would you describe it’s changed since you started the journey?


When I’m on I’m on. Locked in and enjoying each moment of productivity. Like when I get excited about something, I get super into it and really ENJOY the process. For example, Sunday when I was working on business ideas I spent close to 5 hours in a flow state most of that time. Time flew by and it was almost like the work flowed out of me effortlessly.

I don’t feel like being productive all the time though - it’s like I’m carefree about it. Sometimes I just feel like chillin and watching Rick and Morty, and I do that. The biggest difference is I can do that without guilt, whereas before I wasn’t able to be fully present with my chill time and feeling guilty /anxious about not checking the boxes of my to do list. Now, I’m able to go with the flow knowing that I can handle my business with efficient execution when I need to.