Rebirth & Limit Destroyer

I’m trying to understand more how to decide which one of these would be better suited to pair with another sub?

What difference would it make for example if I paired Ascension with Rebirth versus Ascension with Limit Destroyer?

Or LBfH with Rebirth versus with Limit Destroyer?

Read the descriptions and the objectives and decide which ones help you get where you want to get.

Thats what I’m finding a bit tricky. Its seems either can be a great add to a stack in working on problems of executing the main sub.

Wondering how one will affect the overall tone by being in the stack vs other.

From what I can understand limit destroyer is for after you’ve run a sub or stack for at least three cycles and rebirth is for the beginning

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Based off of what i remember from reading both of the descriptions a while back, I would guess:

Rebirth for more emotional blockages
–like a fear of the change that would happen

Limit Destroyer for more mental blockages
–like beliefs that hold you back


CFW has scripting from both Rebirth and LD.

Can anyone comment on the difference they feel between LD and CFW?

i am currently using LD but i am wondering if i should replace it with CFW

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That would make the transition smoother as Rebirth helps reshape our identity towards our ideal-self boosted towards the features the sub (Ascension) works on. Here, water would be the dominant element. Water that adapts and heals.

That would make running Ascension harder yet working deeper towards its goals. Fire is the dominant element here. Fire that purifies and reforges the old into the new.

If you want both of the worlds and a steady, balanced transition into what Ascension offers, then pair it up with CFW. CFW is the perfect balance between fire and water.


Doesn’t CFW also contain some LBfH scripting to?

LD is more about (sometimes abrupt) breaking out of the old, unfavorable patterns and inspiring you towards forming new, favorable ones, mostly by using fire=purifying and reforging. CFW is more like a balanced alchemical process where you dissolve the old patterns smoothly using fire to reforge or break them and water to ease the reforging process or alleviate the pain of the breaking.

It depends on which element you need more in your alchemical process.

It feels like it did.


I want fire!! :fire: :fire: :fire:
LBFH water :whale2: :whale:
DR and LD fire :zap: :fire: :100:
plus GLM :mechanical_arm: :supervillain:

Lol, you want too much at once. The cardinal sin committed by our dear Mental Alchemists. :blush:

Anyhow, all you described points towards CFW as it contains both elements employed towards clearing out the path towards the alpha mindset.

Oh, and distinguishing between what you want and what you need is crucial in every alchemical process.

So many choices for healing :smile_cat:.

Is dragon still the ultimate sub?

It depends on your goals, but yes, that’s the strongest beast there is. But for people who just want to start their healing journey I would recommend CFW as it’s much less rough and contains a feeling-good component.