Reality realigning?


@SaintSovereign, @Fire : Direct question to you guys as the creators of these subs.

I’ve been running Ascended Mogul for almost two weeks. Nothing spectacular to report except that emotional turmoil was pretty dense a little while ago. Now here is my question : Did you guys build Asc Mogul in a way that it makes reality present you challenging situations that makes you “choose” to assert your independence or refuse to be mistreated or threatened? I’m in the process of solving a bad personal relationship situation that was there for almost 2 years. I never that the courage to face the situation created by a toxic bully. Couple of days after I started running the sub things escalated rapidly in such a way that I feel I have to put an end to this for good.
Might be coincidence but the timing is kind of “suspicious” to me. The bully became super aggressive all of a sudden, going from simply being a harasser to becoming completely unstable. Now I’m not sure why but my current state of mind is this : “I’m putting an end to this right now. It’s payback time”. I went from being intimidated to thinking “This has to stop and it will”.

This little story might not be the best example for my question but did you guys build the sub in a way that it makes reality realign itself and present you growth opportunities that makes you take the necessary actions to grow into Ascended Mogul status?


It’s not coincidence. Don’t do that to yourself. So many people run subliminals, then immediately start trying to discount their results, or call it placebo, or whatever it takes to believe it’s not working. Then, they miss out on what they COULD be, because they’re too busy trying to mentally protect who they are NOW (and yet… want to change) under the guise of skepticism.

To answer your question succinctly – yes, the subliminal is designed to present you with growth opportunities, particularly those you must overcome to reach your full potential. This scripting is in the Standard Script.

A more nuanced answer:
Experts say that the majority of communication is non-verbal. You can send off so much depending on the positioning of your body, or the way you look at someone. Your bully is sensing the sudden change in your aura – and by this, I don’t necessarily mean your energetic aura. I’m talking about all the subconscious communicative signs that you’re giving off. The way you move, talk, etc. This is threatening the bully’s place in his perceived hierarchy of how things should be, and you’re responding accordingly. Your subconscious is urging you to handle this situation. You must act accordingly. I’m not saying to go out and start a fight or whatever, but you clearly need to handle this.

This is how subliminals work. You say you haven’t gotten any “spectacular” results, but in the course of two weeks, you had a lot of mental garbage clear (hence the emotional turmoil and dreams) and you’re ready to face down an abuser that’s bullied you for two years. Tell me again why those results aren’t great? :wink:

Happy hunting.