Readings for Khan ST2


Hey everyone! I’m starting Khan ST2 (Total Reprogramming) tomorrow. What readings/material can I look at to get the most out of this stage—particularly since it concerns with social/attraction dynamics?


Books and resources that are aligned with your goals. This can be material of your hero you want to copy or “game-material”.

Or do you want to have concrete recommendations?


What resources (if any) have looked into before that resonated with you? There are various aspects to those subjects. Confidence, kino, escalation, conversation, inner game, outer game, etc. It all depends on what you feel needs improvement


Concrete recommendations would be appreciated!


My questions were to help me offer you concrete recommendations. There’s a lot of material out there. What have you looked at and/or what are you looking for


So far my readings have been few and far between, and when I do read it has to do with general social success stuff. There’s a few channels on YouTube that I’m currently subscribed to that talk about this stuff but haven’t watched too intently—though that’s about to change—such as The Attractive Man. I’ll admit, I haven’t read many materials when it comes specifically to socializing/attraction; mostly watching YouTube videos.


Attractive Man is a good channel, check out Fearless Man, Mantelligence, and Charisma on Command. All 4 of those will give you more than enough info


Funny you mention him, I was subscribed to his channel at some point in the past. Time to resub!