Reading the air around you


It’s there a subliminal that is geared toward reading the air around you? Like reading people’s body language and so on.


Daredevil works on social intuition, which is what you’re referring to. So does Primal and Primal Seduction.

Edit: And if you have a known people reading ability in yourself already, Limitless v.2 might really help there. It’s New Dawn, and it’s amplifying things I’ve known for years in my own life.


Wow that’s awesome. I’m listening to emperor with aura and limit destroyer right now. I’ll probably add in the Daredevil as I’m married lol. Is limitless included in emperor?


Yes. Limitless is in Emperor in full & complete form.


Good to know. When is a good time to stack beyond limitless with emperor. Maybe a couple months after running it? :thinking:


Beyond limitless? You mean supercharger? If yes, then you can listen it everyday. For example, start the day with Beyond limitless when listen whatever you want.


Yes. Cool.