RE: emperor marketing email



I want to address this part of the email:

* Emperor is the foundation for those who want to build a great life, then later you can use Khan or Ecstasy of Gold to take that further…

So would that mean that newbies would be better off using Emperor?

I’m thinking some part of the forum should be for newbies, named something that would imply if they clicked it they’d know how to use the subliminals properly, and what recomended order is well… recommended lol. I don’t know if everyone knows how to properly use a subliminal (goal setting- journaling- etc) and if it wasn’t for the email I would’ve never even assumed Emperor is the foundation, and then Khan/EoG are better used to continue to build the “house” so to speak.

So if that would be a recommended progression (Emperor -> Khan/Eog -> Khan/Eog) I think it might be a good idea to make certain information like this more… obvious, or in your face. It was only after buying subliminals, reading the forums and doing my own google research that I found out how to properly use subliminals, unless I missed something in the general instructions that comes along with the subs you buy.

Just a suggestion (;


Not necessarily, but Emperor builds a good, solid foundation for everyone. You can jump straight to EoG / Khan depending on your level of personal development, but given it’s a much more advanced program, naturally it’ll work better if you have experience.

For example, EoG and Khan both work better if you have a defined avenue for manifesting revenue. I run “The Ecstasy of Khan,” but I have SubClub and other online properties that can generate money. Thus, it’s easier for me to see the results of the sub because of that. Since running EoK, we’ve grown exponentially, adding full time staff as well as beginning solid work on our next venture. That being said, I ran Emperor for a long time before switching to EoK, and I saw tremendous growth and movement from that.

Great minds think alike. It just so happens that we’ve just finished a solid draft of our subliminal success guide. We’ll be releasing it very soon. :slight_smile:


i thought the foundation was supposed to be Ascended Mogul?


Ascended Mogul is not THE foundation, it’s a foundation. Let’s not overcomplicate this, guys. It’s all about your level of personal development.