Rat ugly, what subliminal should I use?


Hi I have a question.

I’m what you could call lower on the attractiveness scale…
I think.
All my life I’ve been called handsome, yet I’ve never one thought of myself that way.

I’m quite frankly disgusted by my reflection in the mirror. I could do many things to get in a “high vibe” state, and I’m feeling absolutely on top of the world, confident, masculine, just really on top of my shit and then… I look in the mirror. And it all comes crumbling down into a pit of insecurity and loathing.

I need to post social media content which is hard, I have yet to be able to post anything to Instagram for my passion project. Moment I even turn on the camera I get a pit in my gut and have to stop looking at myself immediately.

Quite intense, I know.

So I’m not looking for a subliminal to make me think I’m attractive, rather I just want to be able to accept the way I see myself, be it objectively correct or incorrect.

I want to look in the mirror and not necessarily feel attractive, but feel indifferent to the physical appearance of the reflection. To just not care. To be able to turn on the camera, see myself, and be indifferent as well.

Of course I always do my best to present myself in the best possible light, but I still want that indifference.

What subliminal is best for my case?

Thank you


Primal Seduction Iron Throne

Khan Stage 3.

You’re welcome :wink:


My suggestion is Regeneration + Ascension

You could also add Elixir if you so choose.

Your problems seem to be deeply rooted into your psyche and you’d likely benefit from emotional healing and some alpha rewiring


Khan Stage 1 should help too


Many people are reporting that they are indifferent how they look when they are running khan