Rapid anger/rage surface when listening to subs?


So I dont know what to make of this. If I’m releasing something or it’s a part of me that really doesn’t want to execute the programming.

When I’m listening to subs sometimes I get this inner rage. I want to punch something or scream. But it comes in waves. I can’t tell if it’s pent up anger being released or I hit these metaphorical sore spots in certain parts of the script.

If it’s not releasing anger I’d be better off calming myself. But if it is release, sometimes trying to calm myself leads to suppression and disconnect of that anger.

Not entirely sure how I should approach this. Although I will say all my life I’ve been very detached from anger and it wouldn’t surprise me this is all suppressed rage coming to the surface. On the other hand this could just be a brick wall attempt from my subconscious, like a temper tantrum to avoid doing something. Oddly enough I get this internal rage more on ultimate artist rather than AM. Which sort of makes sense because my music is something that I’m highly protective of and if UA is pushing me to put it out into the world that’s a lot of fear.

So in short who’s dealt with similar stuff and what was the best course of action for you?


i would consider exercising and maximizing on this rage you have to throw on some serious gains in record time. i have not used ultimate artist but i did experience some aggression. go throw some calories on the grill and let it burn bro!


I’d have to agree with this one here. Anger needs to be vented or let out. Often, it is not good to release it towards anyone. Might as well exercise and release it through constructive means.


Did you try out listening to masked?


I’ve actually been listening exclusively to masked recently. Maybe lowering the volume more would help. Thanks for bringing up the post by saint, must have missed that one.


Aside from lowering the volume, I found it beneficial playing music together with the sub (via AudioShare). Singing along with my favorite songs (even if out of key) helps release the anger and frustration.