Raphael's subliminal journey journal (with Khan + Spartan Apex + Ultimate Artist + Regeneration)


Started listening to a loop of the following, 2 days before Khan released

Spartan Apex
Ultimate Artist

With goals being Physical Healing and Creativity for Writing

On the first night of listening to this while sleeping and waking up, I felt a slight sense of confidence and euphoria which lasted almost the whole day. Was interrupted in the middle of the day with feeling some release of emotions like frustration and depression which lasted only a couple of minutes.

On the second night of looping the above, I dreamt I was superman (lol) beating the shit out of an evil version of superman. So this must be my subconscious signalling that I was levelling up my Inner Spartan. And hopefully my outer one too. I could also feel that I was being victorious over the part of me that was stopping me all along with this Superman vs Superman “mortal combat”

Have yet to see changes in creativity output but am sure it will come soon.

Will be incorporating the first stage of Khan tonight along with the other 3 subs and will keep you guys posted.


Khan is a huge script even for the first stage … maybe start with khan for a few days to a week by itself then incorporate stacking with spartan, regeneration, and ulitimate artist. And honestly that maybe too much to listen to for your sub conscious to process. Maybe pick khan and 1-2 others to loop daily.

@AMASH what do you think?


Hmm. Will think about it. Thanks for the advice, @Floridianninja


You’re welcome man, just trying to help. Sometimes it takes a few days or even a week or 2 to start seeing any results or atleast it used too.


@Floridianninja the thing is that, I am looking into physical health too and I hear that Spartan Apex is the best for that. Maybe I can do Khan and Spartan together. What do you think?


@Floridianninja I am very impressed by Khan. It feels more powerful than any sub I have ever used BUT it also feels smoother and more “friendly” than another other sub from Sub Club.

Since Khan Total Breakdown is all about healing on all levels, and also is great for becoming a more powerful man, AND I woke up today full of ideas, it seems Khan has a powerful creativity module in it.

I recommend Khan. I think it is the the best sub SC have created so far, and recommend to anyone who is undecided about which sub to choose to hop on Khan.


That’s real interesting, @AMASH. Will consider that too.


I was actually going to run those together after a week or 2 lol.