Quick Question: Sub Exchange?

Hey @RVconsultant @SaintSovereign

I just have a question…

For me having Emperor Black is super important to me but I don’t have my debit card until a few days as my old card got compromised.

I have a sub that I really never ever used but I bought, which is Libertine, and Im super against asking for a refund.

So I was wondering If I could perhaps exchange that Libertine for Emperor Black?

A large factor there is whether or not you’ve actually downloaded it.


This is a matter for the support hub, or PM’ing Saint.

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Exactly this but the former rather than the latter.

Please take this up with support @Xavier.

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Yeah true… Im just itching to get my hands on Emperor Black. Legit perfect sub tailor made for me rn

Saint has said PM’ing him is fine but you may expect slow response time.

I just submitted a Support request on that

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I don’t recommend PMing Saint.

@RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher can you close this thread please.


Ah I just PM’d and sent a ticket lol