Questions on the Emperor Sub


In the instructions it says I can play it through the speaker of my phone. Is the mono speaker of the phone sufficient to create the effects ?

Can I mix Extreme with the standard version whilst I listen ? or i can only listen to one at the same time



Late answer, but yes, it’ll create effects – although, recent experiences are indicating that speakers function much better.


So any difference between speaker requirements for ultrasonic vs. masked?


Masked works much better on headphones.


@SaintSovereign I think this headphone thing is a new “urban myth” being started.

I used earphones. i have always used them with subliminals that you have produced. I put the volume at 15%. And I notice significant results. I had dreams when using Emperor. I learn better now with Limitless. And with SSv2.1, I am feeling more turned on during the day as well as often find myself imagining what I would do in certain pickup situations with women. I rarely rarely use speakers, and often, it is not convenient for me to do so. No problems never using speakers.


I only use inexpensive computer speakers


I like dust.


My earphones are very cheap as well. Not any of those $300+ ones, at all.


I do listen to my hypnosis tracks through Sennheiser HD-580s which are fairly high end headphones. I also use Shure In Ear Monitors when I am out and about, however, both would be horribly uncomfortable to have in place whilst slumbering. I can only do speakers during sleep.

Essentially my subliminals always get heard through very cheap speakers. I have better speakers but they are for music.


Getting good results through cheap hardware doesn’t preclude the possibility of getting better results on good hardware. It’s something I’m definitely going to investigate.


I think the hardware is not going to make a huge difference if the volume levels and the reproduction are present. As I had posted earlier, my hardware is higher end but not audiophile grade. My dap on the other hand, I decided to return the opus#1s and traded it in for a cayin n5iis which has a few more options than the opus. I can tell you that I had to turn my speaker volume down by about 30%. Last night was the first night I plugged that bad boy in to my Edifier speakers and boy it was dreams galore. I will post the rest in my journal tomorrow but I think higher grade hardware might make things more a little quicker. But, I won’t say anything further until 2 weeks go by with the new setup :slight_smile:


My issue with better quality speakers is that I don’t want to use my expensive speakers to loop a subliminal 24 hours a day. I need them for music and movies.

With a relatively cheap pair of computer speakers and mp3 player I can set it up to loop a playlist and essentially let it run FOREVER. No maintenance, no turning anything off or on, nothing to place in my ear. When I walk into the room it is running, I am hearing it and there is no effort necessary. The masked tracks are essential for me with this approach because hearing that gurgling water confirms for me that everything is operating as it should.

I love the minimalist efficiency of that approach.


Rest assured, I’m not going to change the way I create subliminals to suddenly favor high-end hardware (we MAY start releasing uncompressed .flac files or something), as our goal is accessibility to everyone who wants to try. But, we have to consider the notion that better speakers can generate better results. Opens up more options to those who want to pursue that path.

FWIW, my current setup is 24/7 off either my MacBook Pro or iPhone, so that’s that.


Yes please! FLAC or Apple Lossless will be great for us, your dear customers. Then we’re sure we’re getting the purest most crystal clear versions of each product. I am sure if you put this up for vote, 100% of the people will vote for FLAC or Apple Lossless!


This is what I use for my ultrasonic subs at work. Cheap, wired, at least 10 years old.


The Limitless power of a cheap mp3 player.


I am picking up the sandisk and will be putting that together with the anker speaker that I have to carry with me from location to location :D. Its winter so the whole thing will fit in my jacket nicely :wink: This way I can get more exposure.


The Sandisks are cheap and reliable and have done a lot of work for me.

I find people often discard computer speakers and they can often be procured for very little or even no money at all!

I take one of each, set them up in places I spend a lot of time in, set a playlist to loop, and just let them run 24/7. It is a great way to achieve maximum listening saturation. I figure, depending on the day, I get 16 to 20 hours of listening in on average. I figure, in this, as with anything else, consistency is a main key to success.