Questions on Khan?

Running Khan St1 for 2 cycles and currently on St2
I want to make inquiries on these–
√Since Khan raises my sexual energy Can Khan help me to learn how to transmute my sexual energy to a higher purpose rather than thoughts of physical expression.

√Can Khan heal fix unbalanced root chakra and sacral Chakra.
√Can Khan make me one immune to the modern day hypersexualization.
√Can Khan help me to learn the tantric sides of sex (this state of practicing sex without ejaculating)

Learning and dominating my sexuality is the core reason I started subs.

Since I started Khan this intense Sexual energy is quite a lot that it’s new to me, and I get uncomfortable to even sit with it.

Recommendations on other subs from Subclub or materials apply.

Thank you.

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I don’t know if it will do all of those things specifically, but in my experience, after a weeklong surge in my sexual energy, I found a new higher normal. I then began channeling that energy into my workouts.

I now feel balanced. Not out of control. Not a hound dog.

If you want to learn tantra, Khan does have Limitless lite included in the script. That should help you learn it quickly. Mantak Chia has books about tantra and there’s one called the Multi-Orgasmic Male.

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