Questions on EMPEROR

I’ve been using subliminals by another producer for near 10 years now, I’ve stopped recently because I’ve been noticing I’m no longer getting the type of effects I used to get with some of the older products. I’ve had a lot of success with the subliminals in my early 20s, everything from manifesting women everywhere I went, going on dates every day, dating up to 5 girls at a time, high confidence / value, euphoria, etc. etc. all of which was not originally apart of my reality so I definitely do believe in the LOA and Subliminals.

Long story short, I am now married and 31 years old. The newer subliminals this person is making just don’t show much result or effect anymore and I’m not sure if they are just over-complicated, hearing with ultrasonics changes as you get older, or what is being put in them, but they are extremely expensive and take half a year to actually listen to with little gain.

My priorities have shifted, even though I still like the idea of being pursued / interest from women, I have a family now, I have financial freedom goals, I have self improvement goals and business ideas so EMPEROR stood out to me as a kind of ‘all-in-one’ subliminal designed for what I want to achieve and progress with. I also love the idea of stacking and not being required to use 1 at a time for 6 months…

I am trying the subliminal to see what kind of effect I experience but I also had a few questions:

1-Can I use the ultrasonic subliminals in front of my wife while I sleep? Typically, I play subliminals on a speaker while I sleep that goes up to 50khz, but the previous producer I used would script them to make sure that it would only effect males, I wasn’t sure if it was the same here?

2-If not, I read that you were developing Q so you could incorporate your name into the subliminals… is this currently available? And does embedding your name allow you to be exposed around other people?

3-Is there a frequency response requirement for speakers? I know some ear buds, phones and speakers only go up to 18khz, is this acceptable? Now I have an iPhone 8 Plus but I’d imagine the speakers are sufficient enough in those today?

4-Does EMPEROR focus at all on living in the moment and enjoying the present?

Thanks for the help and glad to have found your subliminals!


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