Questions and Concerns


So far I’m quite licking the slick design of the website so props to whoever did it! I do have some concerns that I would love to raise.

  1. The sublimalresults website isn’t protected by HTTPS and so it doesn’t have a SSL certificate. As a forum that contains sensitive information like passwords and emails, it can be obtained by hackers and third parties. It is commonplace nowadays to have forums that is protected by HTTPS to avoid any loss of potential data. Admins could also be affected and it may be possible for someone to access the ability to alter the domain if the connection isn’t encrypted. If it isn’t possible to apply to the whole site I would recommend to at least do it on the registration, login and admin login page to reduce the loss of possible data.

  2. The science page on subliminal club seems to have the descriptions of the science paper mixed up with other ones. An example would be on the “Darts, Hand Eye Coordination Improved” section on the third paragraph is a copy of the third paragraph from the “Math Skills Improved” section. There are several others that need to be fixed.

Overall I quite liked the modern look of the websites and think it looks quite visually appealing barring these few issues I found.


Much thanks for the feedback. If you catch anything else, please let us know. Right now, there’s only two of us managing everything and I THOUGHT I caught it all. Good to get other eyes on it.

Yeah, the forums runs off a rather complicated piece of software that requires a special type of Cloud Hosting package to even run — it’s not your traditional LAMP powered platform. That being said, I haven’t been able to take the time to figure it out outside of basic admin stuff, like backups. SSL on this site is definitely on the agenda, especially since I’m tired of seeing that big warning in Chrome, lol.

Good catch on the science page. This is what happens when you don’t sleep.


And if you ever need any web work done, gratis… I wouldn’t be opposed to volunteering my time. Same goes for helping police the forums :slight_smile:


I see you’re on DO servers.

I recently set up the free Let’s Encrypt SSL for two DO sites. It takes editing two files max (depending on already existing settings) and setting up a module in console.

After that sites will be rocking free 3 month Let’s Encrypt SSL. The module runs two times a day and checks the SSL data. If expiration date is less than 30 days, it auto-renews itself.

As you’re open to suggestions and other’s expertise, here’s a tip to easily improve your WP main site for your clients.

Images are the resource that has to be loaded by your visitor’s client. The thing with images is that they use more colors than we can see the difference for. There are sites that seemingly ‘compress’ image, but the term basically means it takes away the colors our eye can’t see and therefore makes the image smaller, leaving us with much lighter image in size, yet almost the same quality as far as our brain can fathom.

Therefore you should compress the images.

For example, when opening the Gaming Mastery page, there’s 3 images currently to be loaded. First is the main picture and two pthers for related products.

Look at the image of how fast my Chrome fully loads Gaming Mastery images. Takes quite a while.

Here’s an example on site with Gaming mastery main image. It reduced the image size by half a megabyte. When the average download speed of internet is half a megabyte to megabyte per second, you can calculate how much time it saves for your visitor to save on loading for each of your pages.

Wordpress is creating multiple image versions for different resolutions, so it can display the most appropriate version for each resolution and also creates resolutions for thumbnails and such for places like ‘‘Related products’’. Therefore there are more than 1 image per each of the image you upload.

For compressing all your existing images, you should download them from your website (multiple folders in directory ‘’/wp-content/uploads/’’, which are currently open to everyone btw) and drop them in If you find them acceptable (there has been only some 5 times when I did not like the result in last two years) upload them back to website (saving original backup copies on your HDD if you choose).

For optimizing the future uploads, add plugin WP Smush. It will do the compression for all new images automatically.


Very interesting, thank you. Two questions: does this solution automatically force images to serve from https instead of http? If not, Chrome will go beyond its usual tiny “insecure” warning and actually start throwing up error pop ups. Also, do you have a guide available on how to do this? I have little to no experience with cloud servers and consoles.

I’ll take WP Smush under consideration. I was recently debating off loading all the images to a powerful CDN that I have access to, but it would’ve made uploading images to the site a hassle.

Thnx again


One thing I’ve noticed when using the Subliminal Club website was that it actually seems to load quite slowly compared to other websites and it makes it seem quite sluggish. I remembered reading that site speed and page speed affects the SEO of a website so what @vadc said seems to be relevant in that regard. I found this page that might help but I’m not knowledgeable on whether this is directly useful or not.


how i can change the topic name ?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign, this is weird. It seems that I can edit any thread title too. Just added my name on this one to demo! :open_mouth:


okay this is strange now , and i was asking about how to change the threads that i made by myself? because i don’t know how


Ok. Look for the pencil icon next to the topic name. :slight_smile:
Similarly, you can edit your posts by clicking on the pencil icon under the specific post.


Yes, older members are allowed some minor moderator-like powers, such as hiding threads or renaming them. As the forums grow more and more, we encourage people to hide and flag threads that are clear scam/troll attempts, a sort of community moderation. :slight_smile:

Of course, we have hefty protections in place, and both @SaintSovereign and I check very often, but if something slips through while we are focused on making new subs or new tech, we encourage you senior members to take initiative, and we’ll look into it asap.


04-23-19 @ 9:00 AM;
Sure thing, as I don’t want to see this forum become a waste of time for anyone. :+1: