Questions about using the subliminals (New User)


Firstly, I’ve read a part of the general instructions and it says to listen for 2-6 hours a day. Since I’m a beginner it recommended 2 hours for the first week, which I’m assuming is 2 loops a day (each track is an hour) and then increasing the number of loops progressively over time. So I’d like to know, does this mean that I have to prioritize listening to the subliminals over everything else because 2-6 hours is a significant amount of time. Or can I listen to other audio at the same time (music, YouTube, other media, etc.) and carry on with my regular activities and just have the subliminal playing in the background? On the advice of another user on this forum I’ve purchased Limitless Q which I’ve been told is a major program and Limitless Executive Ultima (Booster). Based on this, how would I go about using these programs (stacking and what not)?

Please answer in layman’s terms, I’m honestly incredibly confused so even if you have to explain this as if you were talking to a child, please do so. You can make assumptions and add any information that you think would be relevant for me to know, thank you.


You can listen with them on in the background. I tend to have my Airpod pros on transparency mode if I’m listening during the day or I’ll have my speaker on and have them on in the background.

I’d recommend using Limitless 2x a day for 5 days a week and listening to Limitless Executive 1x a day. So 3 loops in total for the whole day.

What are your goals? I understand you chose them based off other people recommendations but what do you want to accomplish using them subliminals?

You’ll also need to take action. The tiniest action can lead to great things with these subliminals as it aligns everything up for you. That’s why I’m asking your goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask a bunch of questions. I need people to teach me things as if they’re talking to a child too because I get confused easily - or I make loopholes and what not haha. Don’t be afraid.

Welcome to the forum.


If I read and understand properly, you’re using just LimitlessQ and Limitless Executive Ultima.
If that’s correct, it for sure would be good to start with 1 loop per day of each.

The recommendations at should help. I’d just skim down to the part where it shows the example rotation stuff.

If you can handle 1 loop daily of LimitlessQ for a 5-day week (do NOT skip 2 consecutive rest days), the following 5-day week, you can bump up to 2 loops daily of LQ. I’d keep the Ultima at one loop daily unless you feel comfortable doing 2.

Just gotta find your sweet spot, which is the number of loops you can listen to without feeling adverse reconciliation effects. It’s akin to water going through a hose and you set the flow rate just below what the hose can handle so there is no backflow. If you try to put too much more through the hose, either the hose itself will fail or you’ll just have water backing up in the system.


My goals right now is to pass one last course to get my degree. I suffer from anxiety and over the last decade I’ve procrastinated increasingly over time because of it. My other goal is to acquire a new language (Japanese). I made a post on this earlier and that’s why I was recommended those two programs.

so does this mean for example, I can watch YouTube videos while playing the program simultaneously?
Also at what volume do I need to be playing the programs in because I find these subliminal tracks to sound very irritating so I’d like to play them in as low a volume as possible so I don’t feel like I’m listening to them. Also I probably won’t be using any ultra sonic versions since I don’t have speakers to play them on (apparently high quality speakers are necessary from what I’ve read).


You can listen while doing other things. I’m listening while watching YouTube right now.

Ultrasonic can be played on any speaker, just not headphones. You can download the app Frequensee to measure the “volume” (I aim for keeping the sound around -50 to -60db)

Ultimas are the only product format that require higher quality sound performance


Okay, I will be using the Status Audio Flagship ANC headphones for listening, would that be enough for an Ultima product since one of mine is an Ultima.


Ah I vaguely remember seeing the post.

Anyway I’d use LimitlessQ 1-2 times a day for 5 days a week with two days off like @realbillperry suggested. I’m currently following a 3 days on, one day off schedule. Just make sure you take the rest days. They’re important.

I’d use Limitless Executive 1-3 hours before you want to study - and then take the action of studying. The sub should help nudge you to take action of the studying and procrasinating - sometimes you won’t want to regardless of the nudge - do it anyway.

Yes, you can. I listen to my subliminals whilst watching Netflix or Youtube.

You don’t need a speaker for the ultrasonic version of LimitlessQ. Your phone or computer speakers will do. You need a good set of headphones for Ultima (Limitless Executive) to use however.

You can use the Ultrasonic version of LimitlessQ if you’ve downloaded it. I switch between using the masked version (the one that has sound) and ultrasonic (no sound but your subconscious picks it up). It’s up to you to figure out which one you’d like to use.

Limitless Executive won’t have an ultrasonic version as it’s a hybrid of the two meaning it’s both masked and ultrasonic sounds in there.

If you decide to use LimitlessQ ultrasonic make sure you use an app like Frequensee to see how high the sound is playing. This is all in the instructions manual that you can download. @Neurokinetic pointed this out!

In regards to masked, which is easier to play, I play it so I can hear the sounds but no louder. I hate hearing it too much, with that said however if I play it on the speaker I play it enough to hear it, a little more, and then it tends to fall into the background of whatever I’m doing so I don’t even notice it anyway.


You’ll have to experiment and see the results you get from them, I’m sure they’ll be fine. Any noise cancelling headphones I’ve used seemed to be great with Ultima.


Alright, I feel pretty confident about how to approach this now. Thank you guys for the all the help :grin:


That’s great to hear. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything else you need. We’re all here to help.