Questions about Monarch


Hi! I am new to the subliminal society. I wanted to buy the seductress. But i seem to be more interested in the male emperor version! I read that you will be releasing a female monarch version. So i have two questions regarding that:

  1. When is it releasing? Can you put a date on it even if its an approximate one? (Because I want to get started on my journey to self improvement ASAP. So if its goong to take more than a month then i would rather buy the seductress. I wouldn’t really be happy because i kinda have my heart set on emperor. But you dont seem to have a lot for women. I dont understand why it is so.)
  2. Will the price of Monarch be same as that of Emperor? I mean that would only be fair, right? (I am a student so I want to save up for it)


You could also consider Ascension for Women together with The Seductress. There is a good possibility that Monarch won’t be released this month since most likely Emperor Fitness is in the works for January.

I am not the official voice of SubClub though. Just my guess. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

Welcome to SubClub and here’s wishing you an awesome journey (and hopefully an awesome regularly updated journal too cause we only have a few journals from women on this forum)


Yeah you might be right.:pensive: I really hope that monarch comes in this month though. Because I dont have a credit card since many people here in my country use only debit cards. And my friend (more of a boyfriend) who has a credit card is going back to Germany maybe for the whole year. So I guess i will end up buying Seductress.


Yea I can see that. I will be able to contribute my positive experiences soon hopefully. I think that might also be the reason why there are not much subs for women. I am kinda jealous of men now. You guys have such powerful Subliminals like KHAN and Emperor which is like quantum limitless+ascension+500 times the goodness of Seductress. :expressionless:


@Wild - actually, we don’t have the male equivalent of The Seductress yet although one will be coming. But you are right. Male subliminals are more over here.

Use The Seductress and possibly that friend of yours will come back sooner than you expect ;). One Seductress user even said that people were wanting to pay her tabs. So that could help with purchasing Ascension for Women one way of another


Seductress itself is Seduction+ Looks modification + Ascension according to the product description. Am I not right?

That is very Interesting. As a matter of fact that is the main motive behind buying Seductress. So that i can get help to pay for other bigger subliminals like Alchemist Supreme, Quantum Limitless, and then Monarch when it releases. This will build and enhance my spiritual, Mental and Business capabilities. That is all i will be needing for at least 5 years.


I would go with @raphael’s advise. Run AM for women if that even exists otherwise go with Ascension for women till the women’s equivalent of emperor hits the market. You’ll need the foundation so you can enforce the belief that subliminal’s work by getting quick results. While at the same time building a good foundation.


Thank you for your advice @raphael and @Hermit .:wink:
I will surely consider it.
In the mean while speaking about beliefs I really want to know about your subliminal journeys, since you guys have been around this for sometime. Could you please give me a glimpse on your journey @raphael @Hermit?


I’ve been here since October and men has it been a journey so far. I did put a lot of time inside the study of Subliminal Club programs but it was well worth my time. Currently I have the most optimal way for me to run my subliminal’s and it has brought great changes to the surface.

It has been a @Wild ride so far :wink:

Just giving you a little bit advise, stay consistent and stick to one stack.


@Hermit Can you please elaborate on your experiences or gains from subliminals?
And what do you mean by putting time inside the study of SC programs? Are you saying that you are training to be a part of their creators team?


Not at all. I would love to know what they’re up to but I’m not passionate about developing subliminal’s myself, business wise - I would create them for myself though I have lots of creative ideas.

Increase in manifestation, increase in productivity, increase in self-esteem & self-confidence, increase in energy. More money, better health, better social circle.

Not that these weren’t apparent in before but they have increased by a lot. I would say go by your own experience because it’s different for everyone. I have a journal on there but I haven’t documented my material gains, which would take much more then just one reply on a thread, I could write a book about it.

About the programs, how they work and how to use them most efficiently.


Whenever a woman mentions there are so many products out there for men, I reply that it’s because men need so much more help to do what comes naturally to most women. Most, not all.

As raphael states, it is likely not January. The fact that there are few products for women may have to do with the fact that in order to write an effective script takes research. So Fire would have to figure out the qualities that Monarch needs to instill. And since men have been struggling with understanding the female mind since the dawn of time, it is not easy.

But I’m sure the guys would love to provide the female demographic with more products as well, I will send a homing pigeon to France for you.


Thank you everyone for replying to my queries. I just ended up buying my first subliminal, Seductress. I will keep you guys posted through a fresh journal.