Questions about Khan St4 on relationship

Hello, i am looking here for someone who ran khan for a long time and was able to maintain a monogamous relationship or not? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Apollo @COWolfe @Lion and @anyone who ran it,i didnt remeber the names who ran it. Pls share ur opinions on this.


Hello brother! Have run Khan for a long time but not for a monogamous relationship.

My guess is that you can do it but you will have to learn to deal with flirting from other women which is a good thing but also very tempting to ignore.


This would be a good question for you since you have a gf


Umm, “deal with flirting from other women” is surely a dream challenge lmao , but ig since this is zp,the title must work in congruence with my goals .


Well, I’m just about to start stage three, and I’m in a non monogamous relationship, so I’m probably not the one to ask.

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Hey brother. I concur with what Lion had said.

Temptations will be out there and some of the extra attention can be flattering. That said, you’re always in control.

I ran Khan for the comprehensive alpha program I believe it is.

The seduction part is just a bonus for me and isn’t a priority at this point in my life.

Best of luck on your Khan journey.


I second this part by @Apollo, Khan, although focused of seduction and social is foremostly an alpha subliminal.

Currently in a relationship and running Khan, no problem at all, my energy is focused on goal.


Yes ,on Q/Qv2 the temptations were very powerful, but on zp i could easily direct it towards my goal :muscle:. Already did 10 mins of khan st4.

Thank you

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Ya i desire the same as you :grin: