Questions about beast unleashed


Hi,ive been using beast unleashed for the last week and its great for gym motivation so far.just want to check two things.

Is there a maximum amount of loops you can listen to per day/session?cause i listen to it on loop for my 1 to 1 1/2 hour gym session

Also im thinking of using it at my kickboxing classes as well but can only use one earbud at class because i need to hear the beast unleashed okay to listen to using only one ear or are both necessary for it to be effective?

Thanks in advance


You can listen while in the gym with no issues.


Thanks alot.Was worried might have been overlistening(^_^)Hmm,does it need to be stereo to work though?Cause i can only wear one side if going for kickboxing otherwise i wont be able to listen to instructions so will be essentially mono.Thanks for the help


Yes, both ears would be best, but you’ll still get results with one ear.


Thats good that it will still work.thanks for all the help(^-^)really enjoying this supercharger and emperor fitness so far.beast within is ok also but i liked the backing sound of legacy more(x-p)my gf also enjoying ascended mogul so far,she says its helping her alot with her business.thanks alot for all the great products