Question unanswered

i am new here
have not received reply for my support ticket #9528?

when you submitted your ticker?

On 7th July 2022, recived two subsequent reply on the same day but none after that.


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@r9s Welcome to the Sub Club family. Read journals, ask questions, take it slow and enjoy!


I notified staff.

thanks for your help🙏, by the way i am not new to subliminals but definitely new to SC
and they do definitely works​:ok_hand::blush::headphones:

Did you get the inquiry resolved?

not yet,
i was trying to order custom but it was asking for U/P, and it was not accepting my usual U/P of SC, so i created new account for custom login page with same u/p, if it’s not connected then while ordering how it will be able to fetch my registered module from the the subs that i have ordered and other question was for my specific disease