Question regarding ultrasonic


Hi @saintsovereign I am confused wether my speakers are capable of playing the ultrasonic version or not?
The frequency response of the stereo speakers connected to my computer is 40hz to 20000hz.
And the frequency response of my mono Bluetooth speaker is 80hz to 20khz.
I am not sure wether I can play ultrasonic version on them


You could play an ultrasonic and see if you can detect the peak with a frequency analyzer like FrequenSee.

If you don’t have a SubClub sub yet, let me point you to another thread.

If you use FrequenSee you should see a wave travel all the way through to the end. If it drops suddenly around 15kHz, the manufacturer lied.


Thank for reply I’ve been using Emperor v3 and I can detect the peak by using Frequencee peak .