Question Regarding Component of Modules in Major Programs

At this point Ordering from the Q store is out of my reach.

I was just running through my subclub inventory, and just trying to console myself will all that i have and matching them with the modules I desire. but is my matching correct?

By matching, I just mean some components of these modules are present in the mjor programs.

  1. Alpha Body Language - In Stark Q
  2. Alpha of Alpha- Stark Q
  3. Dominion- Stark Q?
  4. Emperor’s Voice- Emperor Q
  5. Financial Success Reality Shifter- EOGQ
  6. Informaticon- Quantum Limitless Q
  7. IQ Cognitive Booster- QLQ
  8. Information Releaser- QLQ
  9. Invincible Presence- Stark Q
  10. Iron Frame- Stark Q
  11. Leader of Men- Stark Q
  12. Lion IV- Stark Q
  13. Power Unleashed- Stark Q
  14. Rogue- Stark Q
  15. Sultan- EOG Q
  16. Total Non-Chalance- Stark Q

Am I correct in matching? @Fire

The best thing you can do is to think about your goals and what you desire to accomplish, and listen to the appropriate subliminal.


My Apologies @Fire
my query was too vague.
To be more specific.

Does Stark Q major program have components of the following, or scripting to aid in getting similar objectives?

  • Alpha Body Language- Develops your body language to the most relaxed, attractive state.
  • Alpha of Alpha- lead other alphas and accomplish great things.
  • Dominion- exude confidence and power wherever you go using Dominion
  • Informaticon- guiding you to the correct information you need for any goal you are aiming for
  • Iron Frame- Use the Iron Frame, and you will start creating the qualities needed for an unbreakable frame
  • Invincible Presence- Having the entire room turn when you enter it is what Invincible
  • Total Nonchalance- develop a smooth, nonchalant vibe around you
  • Rogue- Profound state of not caring for opinions of others unless they are helpful
  • Lion IV- Calm, nonchalant, focused, dedicated.
  • Leader of Men- you will see other men looking at you with a desire for leadership

im interested to know this aswell

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Apologies @Fire to keep on bothering you about this, but the above will put both of our minds at slight ease for now.

I can totally see all those modules being in Stark. hopefully you’ll get a definitive answer soon.