Question on ultrasonics


A few people i believe have said they use the ultrasonics through their phones internal speaker.

I have a samsung 7 does this mean i can play my ultrasonics using the internal speaker ? . Perhaps place the phone on my desk and bath in the ultrasonics ?.


That’s exactly what I do with my Huawei Mate 20 pro. I put it on my desk at work and play it. I use frequensee to adjust the volume, so it doesnt affect others.
I’m not sure it’s working, though… I hope so…


@pakr93 thanks for sharing your insights. I jist dont know how reliable it is to listen to ultrasonics through the internal speaker of a phone.


I’m glad you posted it, because it’d like to know the answer too :smile:


Ultrasonic works, but the thing is how to make it comfortable enough to not damage the ears and be effective at the same time.


If I was doing this, I’d check the Frequensee on another phone.
I don’t expect most phone speakers be great players of Ultrasonics.


This is why i pit 100% faith in masked audios


I play ultrasonic tracks through the speaker of my Android phone. It is not the only way I listen, nor is it how I get most of my listening time, so I find it pretty much impossible to gauge whether it is effective or not.

It does seem worth experimenting with, though.


Same here. And still waiting on the WeaponX series to get masked. :smile:


I am doing the same.The strange thing is that through my android phone I can hear when the ultrasonics are playing it’s a sort of static sound, but I still seem to get results.


With my phone I notice a very faint hiss or whooshing when I place the speaker near my ear.


Exactly the same and I am using the minimum volume,because my phone seems to be quite loud in volume by default.