Question on stacking Subliminal's


Dear friends,

I’ve been wondering for my stack as I have had no time to test this myself and others would probably have more experience on this. What looks like a more effective way to stack subliminal’s?

Either 8x Emperor then 8x Quantum Limitless ST1


(1x Emperor followed by 1x Quantum Limitless), 8 times a day.

Besides that I’m also interested whether or not the masked version of Subliminal’s can be run on really low volume and still be effective. I’ve seen this in another thread. My intuition tells me yes, but I’d like to have a confirmation. Hungry to here your opinions. From sharing our experience we can all gain the most of this.

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Eager to hear thoughts on this question as well!

For my day stack I run 2x Emperor, with 1x Sanguine in between. I figured giving my brain a rest from one program while listening to the next would produce better results, but I haven’t really got anything to base that on.


I have used both methods. Both worked fine


I personally do it this way.

“really low” is subjective. From what I gather, as long as you can hear the track, it’ll work.


Any reason how it would be more effective? I might try (2x Emperor followed by 2x Quantum Limitless), 4 times a day.


How about you can consciously hear the track before you put the foreground music on? After putting on that music, I cannot hear the track anymore consciously. But I do when I pauze the music, you see. It covers the masked track because of the volume comparison.


By the way for all of those wondering which track I use while playing the masked subliminal’s on the background. Here it is.

It’s a combination between gamma waves (our brains operating system) & theta waves (the connection to the subconscious). It will be really easy for you to learn new things and instantly put them in there proper place in the subconscious. Really helpful while playing subliminal’s.

Here’s another good one for studying & focus:


How are you playing both the Youtube videos and the subs at the same time? I’m about to get Emperor plus some other stacking modules so I’m very curious.


Most of the time I’m working on my laptop. I don’t like the idea of a phone anyway. If you really have to be on your phone, I’m sure there are applications out there for you to be able to play multiple music tracks at the same time. I advise listening to Theta waves, either use a binaural beat generator on 6hz or any of the above Youtube videos. You can always look for something similar online.


Hmm great point about phones. I’ve realized that I’ve been on my phone way too much, and IIRC (don’t quote me on this though) there’s been studies showing that prolonged use, or maybe it was exclusive to social media use, was linked to a reduction in concentration (and therefore mindfulness) which could lead to anxiety. It is convenient for me if I’m walking somewhere and want to listen to these subs. I’ll figure something out because binaural beats would definitely help.


Read the shallows, what the internet does to our mind.


Sounds like a perspective changing book. Added to my reading list