Question on House of Medici

One of the biggest aspects in day trading and banking is the mindset and psychology. We need to have a mental edge. There has to be a balance between someone getting too high on their success in day trading and taking larger risks vs someone who beats themselves up due to losses which are part of the day trading game.

I can’t make out from the description if there are any modules which address this mental aspect of trading and finance. Can someone please confirm?

You’re describing the attitude of equanimity. Engaged, responsive, alert, yet calm and non-tense. Steady, imperturbable, decisive. Stoic, if necessary. Basically, as is described in the LION IV module or Godlike Masculinity.

That’s one of the building blocks of any Emperor title. In fact, it’s part of any Status-related track offered by Sub Club. On the other hand, I don’t have the module list and this attribute is not specifically mentioned in the Medici description. It’s so fundamental to status and success, though, that it’s difficult to imagine it not being integrated.

This paragraph, in particular, is pretty telling:

Of course, the Medici is most known for banking, trading and making beneficial financial deals. With Emperor: The House of Medici, you’ll gain the ability to accurate predict the results of your stock trading and other financial deals. The more you listen and the more you trade, the better you’ll get. The script aims to enhance your “trading intuition,” with your skill (and profits) growing at an exponential rate. Not only will you manifest deals and opportunities for your trading, you will be able to close these deals, owing to the Medici’s extensive diplomacy, sales and deal-making scripting.

Can you imagine being able to attain that skill and expertise without having equanimity in the face of ups and downs? Without equanimity, you would never stay engaged long enough to learn how things work.