Question and Sex and Seduction


I am ashamed to say that at the age of 51 years old I have only had sex with 4 women in my life. As a result of me going through a dry spell I do not feel so confident from a sexual standpoint. When I chat to people I know they have had something like 10 to 15 partners in their life and they are still young.

Do you think SS will help alleviate this ?


51 years young… that means you still got enough unf in ya! It sucks that you feel this way, but I am curious, is it just sex you desire to get out of women? It is okay to want to feel desired, we all want to.There is still enough women in their beginning-mid thirties that are open to dating men older then themselves :slight_smile:

I know people who have slept and been with lots of women and they are still have not find that person they wil settle down with. One of the closest one to me told me that he kind of envied that a mutual friend found his perfect one so quickly… our mutual friend is now married for 6 years or so.

It would be interesting to find out how you feel about yourself after having run this subliminal, I think it would be worth the try.


I just feel sometimes if i have sex with her she will compare me to her previous partner who may have been better in bed.

As i was married many many years ago I went through a horrible divorce and after that went through a huge dry spell.


Let’s see what SS can do maybe it will help fix things.


It will.

Sex Mastery, which is in S&S and Emperor, includes Eliminate Fear, Eliminate Doubt, Eliminate Performance Anxiety and Extreme Confidence modules.

You may not have noticed it quickly in Emperor as the script is so long, but with S&S being targeted you should see it quite quickly.

I had similar anxieties holding me back that were chipped away layer by layer with Ascension, Ascended Mogul and Sex Mastery. Emperor created complete relief for me as I finally owned my reality.

You have nothing to worry about in this regard. I also had this fear, and I’m sure a lot of men do as well.

With Sex Mastery every partner that I’ve been with so far has had nothing but praise for my sexual abilities. You’ve been running Sex Mastery in Emperor and you’ll be getting a stronger dose of it in S&S.


Yup, I do as well. Probably every man has faces this at some point. You can rely on this:

Or you can just use SS to seduce virgins. :grinning: