Question About Ultrasonic


I have been using the set and forget method as it is the best way for extended period of listening. I do have a question about the “volume”. I understand that while we cant really hear anything but the subliminal is still very “loud”. Most of the time I play the subliminal on my MacBook Pro and work at the same time so its not a problem. I wonder if my subconscious can still pick up the subliminal when I put my MacBook about 3 meters away from my bed when I sleep. Thanks!


You can test the settings by using a ‘hearable’ sound file that is at a similar decibel level.

In the FrequenSee app the X axis is the frequency pitch and the Y axis (the height of the wave forms) is the decibel level.

Just find a sound or music file that has the same Y axis value (amplitude) and that is a little bit to the left on the X axis. That’ll mean the volume settings work similarly. Then you can set the Ultrasonic file to a decent volume level and ‘forget it’.


Read the instructions that came with the sub, it describes using FrequenSee to measure the volume of the ultrasonics.


Is there a recommended distance for the speakers placement? Right now, I’m listening to Ultrasonic at -50 dB with the speakers right in front of me (less than 2 feet). Is that OK?


Will you usually be that distance from those speakers? Try standing further away and check the db level. Anything above -70db (technically -80db but I’m adding a little extra volume to be sure) is audible