Question about switching

 I just wanted to say firstly that the subs I've been running so far have definitely made a noticable difference in my life and I'm soo glad I found this site from youtube!

I heard its best to choose subs for a life goal or desire you have. I want to start running Primal for the social gains/not seeking approval as much and improving my general game with women. However, ive been running ascended mogul for more than 6 months now because my main goal is getting wealthy with real estate, and ive noticed more drive, motivation and productivity in that area and I don’t want to lose that if I drop AM, also ive been running limitless for mind performance which has worked well. Will primal still give me the drive and productivity? with I still have it if I drop AM?


Why don’t you just buy Emperor instead? It has pretty much everything you want, except it’s more convenient since you just run that one file rather than having to switch around different programs. It also includes AM, Limitless, and a bunch of other modules as well.


Because Emperor is not helpful with businesses that require social interactions, real estate being that type.

No, but you can stack Primal with AM. Or upgrade to Khan.


Khan sounds a bit too extreme, I don’t need to turn into Tarzan or Rambo.


But he said that he’s already running AM for real estate and that it’s been working for him, so he doesn’t want to drop that. He also said he wants to start running Primal mainly for social gains and women. He’s running two different programs right now, Limitless and AM, that he can just replace with Emperor that pretty much has everything that he’s looking for.


Would it be too much spript length to run emperor and primal?
This is better than when I discovered cheat codes for video games as a kid lol.


What about adding True Social?


Well, depends on how strong your mindset is. I’ve heard one of the people here is running three major programs at the same time with no issue. I think it was Khan, Alchemist, and EOG, if I recall correctly. Those are all multi-stage programs. The sign that you’re taking in too much would be a headache. Try it out.

But, in my personal opinion, Emperor should definitely be a part of your program since it has both Limitless and AM, which are the two that you’re currently using. And it would also push you harder as well to success. So, rather than running 3 different separate programs if you add Primal (Limitless, AM, Primal), you can just cut it down to two by running Emperor and Primal, if you choose to purchase Primal.


@PINNACLE, do you have any experience of actually running Emperor?
I’m not saying “don’t talk about what you’ve not used”, but know that “just because a product contains similar scripting doesn’t mean it manifests the same way”.

AM and Emperor are almost opposites in the context of Social Relationships.

Besides, what the OP asked was:

Khan is the ONLY product here that actually combines all the above.
Emperor will attract women, but hurt social skills, and hence get in the way of the MAIN GOAL itself.

If we don’t want to go multi-stage, then the best solution is to continue with AM, and stack a socio-sexual sub.

IME, my personal recommendation for “social gains/not seeking approval as much and improving my general game with women” will be Daredevil. (True Social is the supercharger sister of DD)

Still, depending on the vibe you’re looking for - Primal or Primal Seduction are also valid choices. All 3 approach the game very differently.

Which brings us again to Khan, because Khan is extremely versatile, and allows for the expression of ANY/ALL the styles.
And Khan’s Limitless is legendary in itself, just ask @friday.


Neither Tarzan, nor Rambo have ANY social dominance or dating game/skills.

Have you confused Khan with Spartan? :grin:


Hey! Don’t sleep on ‘Me Tarzan, You Jane’.

Gets a LOT of mileage. with the right demographics. It’s all in the delivery.

and yes, it’s hard for Rambo to develop social dominance when he keeps insisting on killing anyone who challenges him.


Tarzan would be like " woman you need man. You come with me now!"


That’s along the lines of the Borat and Pamela Anderson dynamic, not the ideal approach here in the west.
I see conflicting thoughts people have about emperor being more anti social/reclusive mastermind type character. and some say it just makes you drop time wasting friends but otherwise not anti social.
Anyone with Emperor experience want to chime in?


The Borat and Pamela Anderson dynamic? Neither looks good in a Borat mankini. :slight_smile:

Some people report everything going fine on the social front with Emperor, but generally people seem to be a bit less focused on social aspects, personal or professional. Then again, I can imagine a real estate mogul not being the most socially approachable type. Emperor breeds solopreneurs.

Khan would turn you into someone that is very well-traveled, moves frequently and with ease through the world of women and has enough money to do what he wants without having to check his bank balance, but also without building a fortune for future generations. A Khan lives his life in the moment. In the real-estate world, you’d be like Pierce Brosnan as Thomas Crowne (which is a life which I would absolutely love to have).

On the other hand, Emperor plus DareDevil plus Limitless may just turn you into Robert Kiyosaki. Not always the best role-model, but you don’t worry much about money when you own 10000 apartments and 400 oil wells. And he is the second-best source of teaching money-literacy I have had.

The big advantage of doing Primal is that it works a lot faster. And you can combine it with Ascended Mogul and True Social too, which might be a nice transition for you. I would love to see someone do Primal, compared to everybody jumping on the All-in-One programs.

As for the Rambo thing, most soldiers have difficulty with dating. The training has made them more confident and mature, but they tend to have an aura that prevents people from approaching. Often combined with rigid and closed off body language. Gets worse when they’ve been in a conflict. I’ve noticed it in myself and in others I know. You can become the best of brothers, even with commando’s, but social life is harder until you learn to open yourself up again. For Rambo, it would be near impossible. Anyways…


What is the best?

Since the programs are a bit confusing sometimes, could you please explain why Primal stands out and which Primal product exactly you mean and what it does and who it suits best?
I know, a lot of questions, sorry


Took you one minute to take the bait. :wink:

I’ll put it in a comment-block, since it deviates from the topic a bit too much.


Kiyosaki taught me things like how mortgages are not assets but liabilities and the basics of value and investment.

But the one that taught me exactly how money works and where it all goes (and is largely responsible for me living debt-free for years now) is Zeitgeist. Those movies opened my eyes and mind and helped me understand even the more complex things that go on in the background and run our lives. Yes, it starts with religion, but afterwards it turns to money and spends hours on explaining it. After poking the monetary system full of holes it shows a better way. But even though I keep hoping that better way comes along in my lifetime, what it taught me is how to avoid being used by the system and instead turn its flaws to my advantage. If you do watch it, do so objectively, don’t get pissed if the author states something you don’t like. And if you think some of it sounds like a conspiracy theory, laugh it off and forget it again, it doesn’t invalidate the explanations about interest and the principles of the fractional banking system.

There is another documentary that adds a bit on it by explaining things like the the IMF and the central banking system, but although entertaining, is a bit too much “out there” to recommend unless I know you’ll able to take only the useful parts. To me it was entertaining and sparked my imagination, which isn’t a bad thing. I felt no need to believe everything it says.

As for Primal, remember there is a standalone product called Primal. Which is one of the first programs SubClub made (if not the actual first). Before Sex & Seduction and Primal Seduction. Primal is sort of the first ever version of Khan, mainly focused on changing you on the inside. How you see yourself, making you completely confident and at ease. Once you’re on your own path, you’ll attract people to you.

So unlike Khan, Primal doesn’t build your wealth so you can support your social life. Unlike Primal Seduction it doesn’t include Sex Mastery, but it will make you feel like you can satisfy a woman.

So it’s not that it stands out, it’s just that people tend to pick the other programs because they contain more stuff. I’m guilty of that as well. But when waterlowford indicated he wanted to run Primal, I was happy to see someone choosing a more targeted subliminal.

That said, given the scenario, I think adding DareDevil to AM might be a better match, since Ascension already works on Alpha qualities, and DareDevil does more for the social side without focusing on women.


I forgot I actualy have social king ultrasonic that came with true social, but never really committed to it cus its ultrasonic and I run masked at night. I think that is the same as daredevil so im gonna start running that during the day.
I think action taking is the most important ingredient. What do you guys do to socialize with girls?