Question about listening to the subs



Quick question

I am using the frequensee app on my phone and it shows that its only going up to -70 bd max for 20khz. Does this mean i should get a bluetooth speaker to listen to these subs?

What db range should it be at at and what is the max and minimum it should be?

If you guys don’t mind helped me out…


Are you running Frequensee from the same phone that you’re running the subliminal? Or are you running the subliminal from your computer?


I was running it the app from the same phone and also was running it when i tried using my laptop but it didn’t even hit -70 db on my laptop.

I am guessing i should use a different phone to test my own.


So it should atleast be -60 db to work correctly?


-80db – but yeah, it has to be your phone. I can guarantee that it’s much louder than that. Make sure you have the audio player volume up as well as the phone / laptop itself.


Oh so -80db is the lowest it will work at , alright awesome. Thank you for the help.

Awesome products can’t wait to see what you guys reveal and release next.