Question about Khan ST1


So I’ve been on Khan ST1 for a few days now, and I noticed the following:

  1. More irritable. The slightest mistake my family does makes me mad. It’s like I’m looking for any excuse to get angry.
  2. Weaker and or lazier. Feels like I just want to sleep, and:
  3. Hungry. Feel like I want to eat a lot more!

Given the above, does anyone recommend stacking st1 with other subs? I’m thinking of adding Spartan to have more energy and at least “force” (motivate) me to work out more, and either Sanguine or Elixir for the emotions/anger management part. Does anyone have other suggestions?


I am probably the person who had the most significant changes thanks to Khan, and I made sure I didn’t stack wit with anything.

I ran Khan. Only Khan. One stage at a time for 30 days. And consistently, the first 250 hours were tough. Then a big breakthrough happens.

By the way, this is already answered in your thread. Why open a new on to ask the same thing?

Honest Review of Khan

On ST1 i was irritable but not lazy and it wasnt that hard. I procrastinate a lot in ST2, i am more irritable but the reports from ST3 looks promising so i am patient


On my ST1 I was slept more the first week or so, less after that. I tried to do everything all at once including working out, even though I didn’t have enough time to do it all. In the final week I felt really bad, super-lethargic, tired of everything and rarely made it out of bed. So I moved on.

On ST2 I didn’t get motivated to do anything for three weeks, got really confrontational for one day and have only been “normal” the last few days.

Starting ST3 tomorrow.

Keep in mind I’m doing EoG & Khan simultaneously, so I don’t know which effects come from which sub. It does seem like the stages are reasonably aligned in their effects.


Awesome, let us know how it goes!